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Flyover Folk Don’t Have Time for Dem Debate Posturing

Heartlanders care about the real happenings across the nation – not what the degenerate left says when the cameras are rolling.

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Articles, Opinion, Politics

While the media and other leftist elites ignore the millions of folks living in “flyover” states, they do so at their own peril; it was this silent majority that put President Trump in the White House. Each week, Liberty Nation gives voice to the hard-working heartlanders who are silent no more.

Finding folks in flyover country who watched both nights of the Democratic presidential primary debates – or even an hour of what P.T. Barnum might have called the Greatest Show on Earth – was more difficult than you could imagine.  For a host of different reasons, most Midwesterners steered clear of the insanity of 20 hopefuls vying for fame and ultimately fortune if history repeats, and spent time chewing the fat of the other, less spectacle-oriented political issues of the week.

As is customary, heartlanders are mostly a middle-of-the-road, well-mannered group of folks who wield common sense as their weapon of choice.  Opinions tend to run the gamut, and everyone has the tendency to encase snarks with “please” and “thank you” to keep peace in the family and social media circles.

Not this week.

Why Miami, Democrats, Why?

Gilbert Fonticoba, an enterprising first-generation American, made the universal bird sign to Democrats as he unfurled the “yuge” banner on the first night of the debates that read “No Socialismo. No Communismo.  Somos Capitalista.” You don’t have to speak Spanish – or even Spanglish – to get the gist.

Fonticoba, the son of immigrants from Cuba, and his pals were there to send a message to the Democrats babbling on stage – often in Spanish – that the Hispanic community loves President Trump.

“He’s done more the Latino community than anyone else before. Latino unemployment is at all time lowest.  Women unemployment all time lowest. We’re finally energy independent, thanks to Trump. The reasons go on and on.”

It appeared that the Hispanic community was rallying behind their president and not so much the radical Democrats one-upping each other across the street.  And lots of sideliners to the events noticed.  Louis Bazo-Guelbenzu flat out asked: “Did anybody else notice that the Democrats couldn’t even fill up the ground floor of the debate venue tonight. Was that on purpose?”  While Adrienne Martinez offered, “Sure don’t look like no Trump rally. And all them important Democrats in one place.”

But Teresa Ta Tran stuck to the point, saying, “We are all Americans and we fight for freedom!! Vote no to Democrats socialism and communism.”  Her rallying cry was echoed by patriots across the plains.

Mary Jane Struts Her Stuff in Illinois

Governor JB Pritzker (D-IL) may have made everyone in three states ecstatic as he signed HB 1438 into law, “legalizing recreational marijuana use and sale.” Illinois is the 11th state to legalize weed, and the good citizens in the Land of Lincoln hope for a boost to their dark red state deficit.

Justin WavvyDon Harris offered his positive opinion on the matter, citing Illinois’ economy and noting that this was a “Great opportunity for jobs.”  Most folks agreed that legalizing marijuana was a positive, productive move by their unpopular government.

Hoosier Tracy Joanne was hoping attitudes on recreational pot would infuse her state by osmosis: “please let it then be legal in Indiana.”

Our wet blanket of the group, the circumspect John M. DeGennaro, advised folks not to get ahead of themselves, reminding everyone that “Illinois will be the first state to lose money because nothing Illinois does, works.”  And that was met with, “duuuuuude. Why so harsh?”

Don’t Mess with Our First Family

The anger and insanity demonstrated minute-by-minute since the 2016 presidential election by the party of peace, love, harmony, and tolerance raged out of control, once again, as an employee of a swanky Chicago cocktail lounge in the trendy West Loop area lost her ever-loving mind.  And spit on Eric Trump.

Yes, that Eric Trump.

The owners used words in an official statement like “allegedly” and “unfortunate,” claiming they were “just beginning to learn the details,” and the server who may have spat upon the president’s progeny has been put on “leave.” The Alinea Group, who employs the Camel-mannered waitress, says they have a human relations team involved and won’t disclose details.  But they did offer this generous policy to perhaps be included in the revised 2019 employee handbook: “no customer should ever be spit upon.”

Yeah, that’s just not good enough for civilized, well-mannered, deplorables.

Christine Klein was almost apoplectic, if exclamation points are any indication, and rightfully so. “Leave?! She should be fired fined and NEVER allowed to work in a restaurant lounge bar any place that serves food & drink or be allowed to be near people. Vile disgusting!”

Eric Trump

Texan Deby Evans echoed Klein’s sentiments: “Placed on leave? She should be fired. I can only imagine what she has been doing to people’s food. I hope she was arrested and taken to jail too.”

And Kay Donnelly, from Danville, IL, offered her advice: “Until more charges are brought against the scumbags that do these things to others because of their hatred, they will keep doing it! … Gotta change the laws and hold them accountable!!!!!! To spit on someone is absolutely disgusting!”  When Casper, WY, horned in, it came from Pam Brown, who brought up a more severe threat than stupidity from the waitress: “Should have been fired and arrested for deadly assault. You have no idea what kind of disease her spit contained.” Eeeew.

And Elaine Allen from Shreveport, LA spoke for the conservative nation, saying, “So sorry for the Trump family they have been treated awful…”

All of the problems in America today could easily be solved if the flyover folk were in charge of the Swamp.  There would be no socialism, no illegal immigration, no communism-lite, and certainly no disrespecting the First Family.  The Constitution would be protected.  Our veterans would be respected and given the help they deserve.  The homeless population would be sheltered and uplifted before any illegal alien, and deranged people who spit at others would be taken behind the woodshed and soundly beaten.  Oh, and those folks with the marijuana munchies will shoot stocks for salty snacks through the roof.  MAGA.


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