Destroy and Burn – How the Left Lacks Imagination

If it appears that the radical left in the U.S. is putting forward ideas that are destructive to societal cohesion, it is not just your particular paranoia…They are! Yet this is not a new phenomenon, it has been at the heart of a detrimental drive for decades and exists in all parts of the Western world. To read more click here.

“Greatest Jobs president God ever Created”

The U.S. Labor Department reports the jobs market was on fire in February – posting the largest single month gain since 1983. This brings the unemployment rate down to 4.1% which is a 17 year low. Naturally, investors applauded sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average up more than 440 points yesterday. To read more click here.

Finding the Balance on Trump’s Tariffs

Undeterred by Republicans, conservative activists, and free market think tanks, President Donald Trump introduced new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports on Thursday. The 25% duty on steel and the 10% penalty on aluminum will go into effect in 15 days, exempting Canada and Mexico indefinitely amid North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations. To read more click here.


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