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If it appears that the radical left in the U.S. is putting forward ideas that are destructive to societal cohesion, it is not just your particular paranoia…They are! Yet this is not a new phenomenon, it has been at the heart of a detrimental drive for decades and exists in all parts of the Western world.

From policies that create communities locked into generational poverty through welfare to school systems that seem determined to suppress critical thinking, the destruction of individualism and tried and tested morality is becoming institutionalized. But why is this? Could it be that the “great thinkers” of the left have failed to notice the inherent flaws in their legislation? Or is something far more sinister at work?

A Lack of Meaning

The desire to tear down all that is good and solid in our society stems from a fatal flaw; not of character, but of understanding. Those who seek to burn it all down and start again are to be pitied, for they have failed to find personal meaning in both the modern and traditional structures and therefore assume that these structures (family, country etc…) have no significance!

We should not fault the left for wanting a life that is rich in meaning, they are, after all, just seekers the same as us all, but it is a lack of imagination that curses them to be bound in abject nihilism.

They believe that value and worth should be apparent and obvious for all to see; they engage in superficial acts that offer a display of “virtue and meaning” yet fail to reap a reward from it. And this is because they cannot push their imaginations to a point where comprehending  “true value” becomes apparent. This lack condemns them to anger and the desire to tear it all down and start again in the hope that the new “system” will have rewards of the heart for them.

Cyclical Problems

To give credit where it is due, the left has succeeded in destroying or destabilizing many once great institutions. But the question then arises: Are they any happier? They will never achieve true contentment this way because the systems they want to replace are built by affectation, not real desire. They are doomed to continuously burn and rebuild not because meaning does not exist, but because they will never discover it…even when it is right in front of their eyes.

These may not even be conscious actions by the left. In their search for meaning, they find nothing of worth in traditional structures, so they build new ones and then fail to find any in that either. And so it goes.

Finding Meaning

It is intersectionality that is holding their imaginations in check. At present, they see the distinct groups they belong to (race, gender, and orientation) as central rather than their own individuality (misery loves company). And as The Group fails to find a common meaning, they are fooled into believing that if The Group cannot find significance collectively, then it cannot exist for individuals as well. Yet this is exactly where deep meaning emanates.

Only by embracing rugged individualism do we find worth, value, and satisfaction in the everyday actions, interactions, and perspectives of life. You could even say it is in the eye of the beholder.


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