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Democrat Radicalism Takes Center Stage for SOTU

by | Feb 3, 2019 | Articles, Opinion, Politics

The Democratic Party is losing control of its most radical components at the worst possible time. As the 2020 presidential campaign approaches kickoff, we have Virginia Democrats pushing for full-term abortion and the governor discussing his support for murdering babies born alive. Amazingly, post-birth infanticide is no problem for Democrats today. But when it was revealed that Gov. Ralph Northam posed for a racist picture in college 35 years ago, then and only then flooded in the demands for his resignation.

Amid this stark display of extremism, the party has tabbed failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to give its official response to President Trump’s State of the Union address. Since Trump is the man Democrats will have to defeat in 2020, one might think the party would aim for a unifying message that is able to reach Americans residing in all parts of the country. One might think wrong.

Abrams is chipping out a role for herself in the party as an unabashed champion of identity politics. She has penned a “major” essay in a respected publication to explain why Democrats need to promote even more division and feelings of “victimization” by certain demographic groups as a way to oppose and crush a “dominant” class of Americans.

Divisive By Design

In prose befitting a Black Panther activist of the 1970s or a communist street agitator in 1920s Berlin, Abrams cites in a deranged manifesto published by the journal Foreign Affairs, “recent political upheavals” in our society, exacerbated by social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, as signs of an America in crisis. She writes:

“Facebook captures examples of inequality and makes them available for endless replay. Twitter links the voiceless to newsmakers. Instagram immortalizes the faces and consequences of discrimination. Isolated cruelties are yoked into a powerful narrative of marginalization that spurs a common cause. These changes have encouraged activists and political challengers to make demands with a high level of specificity — to take the identities that dominant groups have used to oppress them and convert them into tools of democratic justice.”

In other words, the hype about racially charged incidents that may not even have happened but go viral on Twitter is now pushing the national debate in one of our major political parties. This is the level of stupidity that we are descending to here.

Abrams dismisses an article by Francis Fukuyama condemning identity politics, writing that “what Fukuyama laments as ‘fracturing’ is, in reality, the result of marginalized groups finally overcoming centuries-long efforts to erase them from the American polity — activism that will strengthen democratic rule, not threaten it.”

She truly believes it is the role of the Democratic Party to advocate exclusively for these “marginalized” groups that now demand redress from the “oppressor” group – that would be white people – that has “dominated” them. “The marginalized did not create identity politics: their identities have been forced on them by dominant groups, and politics is the most effective method of revolt,” she writes.

It bears emphasizing: This woman, who is now apparently a major voice in the Democratic Party, is laying out a political strategy that distinctly chooses to expel a certain class of Americans from its constituency and even demonize it as an “other” that needs to be overthrown.

Emotion Decrees Guilt

The danger of Abrams’ juvenile social-media-fed rabble-rousing is revealed by her comments about the Covington Catholic high school kids who were smeared by leftist political and media figures. After it had been made crystal clear that the social media hysteria feeding the outrage against these kids had been inaccurate and misleading, Abrams declared that it didn’t matter what the facts were; the appearance of oppression against one of the precious “marginalized” was there and must be stamped out.

Here are her comments in an interview with radical leftist website Democracy Now!

“I know that there is a narrative that says that we don’t have the full picture of what preceded at that moment. But the issue is what happened in the moment we saw. And in that moment, we saw disrespect. We saw communities divided. And we heard language that is not appropriate. So, no matter what instigated it, what we have to focus on is why this was the reaction.

“And unfortunately, this begins at the top. We have a commander-in-chief who has never failed to signal his xenophobia, his racism, his bigotry and his hatred. And that will absolutely filter down to the youngest and most impressionable members of our communities. And so, we all have to stand up and say that, regardless of why it began, it ends now.”

In the name of fighting for the “marginalized” and against the “dominant” group, Abrams is saying these kids should be held accountable for something they did not do, because they were perceived by grievance-obsessed lemmings on social media to be “disrespectful” to oppressed peoples. Facts don’t come into the equation at all.

This is the woman who Democrats have chosen to give one of the most important speeches a member of the party will make this year. It is a sad sign of how far down the social justice rabbit hole this political party has fallen. By choosing to boost some individuals and condemn others not based on deeds but on group identity alone, Democrats are betraying the civil compact that keeps this country together.

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