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Clinton, Guns, Manly Men and MORE – Conservative Digest

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Hillary Clinton, Champion of the Conservative Movement

Many on the right have excoriated failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for refusing to leave the political stage. They believe that after her humiliating loss to President Donald Trump, she should have retreated into obscurity. If many conservatives had their way, we would never hear from Clinton again. They are wrong. Believe me; we need Hillary Clinton on the public stage as much as possible. Her post-election antics have caused enough harm to the left that even Democrats wish she would just go away. To read more click here.

Parkland Students Want Change – Part II

In Part 1, we examined the first three reasons given by the Parkland kids as to why the right to own firearms should be prohibited. These “groundbreaking” ideas included a complete misunderstanding of the Second Amendment, a strawman argument, and a gross infringement of personal privacy. Let’s see if they do any better with the next few! To read more click here.

Campus Follies: Vegan Manly Man

Millions of people in the U.S. are abstaining from consuming animal products.  Although Americans cite a variety of motives for their dietary choices, the alleged egalitarian far-left claims that males perpetuate oppressive behaviors when making food selections. Mari Mycek, a sociology professor at North Carolina State University, recently published a study examining why men choose to follow veg*ism, which is defined as being vegan or vegetarian.  The instructor declares that such lifestyles “uphold gendered binaries” that perpetuate middle-class, white masculinity. To read more click here.

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