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California: Division, Corruption, and a Fleeing Populace

by | Jul 22, 2018 | Columns, The Left

California, a state so rich in resources it supplies the nation with much of its agriculture. From northern California’s mountains and wineries to the Central Valley’s ag land, the beautiful coastal cities, and finally the southern portion with ocean beaches, Hollywood, and Disneyland, The Golden State has a lot to offer. Or at least it did.

Now the state is so torn apart with political unrest, that cities are turning against each other. Californians find themselves fighting battles on all sides. If they aren’t fighting against each other, they’re dealing with the political wars as politicians wave their battle axes at every perceived threat. Not only do the southern border cities have to worry about the massive influx of illegal immigrant crossings, drug trafficking, and gang violence, they are also deeply concerned the politicians might anger President Trump enough that he actually pulls ICE from their state.

A Divided State

Recently, the California Supreme Court blocked Proposition 9 from going on the November 6 ballot. Known as Cal-3, the measure sought to split California into three different states, causing even more of a divide.

On the surface, splitting might seem appropriate. The southern border cities adamantly disagree with California’s sanctuary status laws and many cities and counties have opted out, going against Gov. Jerry Brown and other politicians. These are the areas of the state most affected by illegal immigration and their fears are justified. The sanctuary laws prohibit local law enforcement from helping federal agents in immigration control, and even forbids them to alert ICE when illegal criminals are released from jails. ICE protesters even succeeded in getting a detention center closed in Contra Costa County.

On the other hand, there are lawmakers hell-bent on fighting the Trump administration, no matter what mayhem they cause. For instance, take Oakland’s mayor Libby Schaaf, who thought it was a good idea to alert illegals that ICE would be conducting a raid in the area. Not only did she aid in helping hundreds, if not thousands of criminal illegals escape – and we’re talking criminals with violent records – she also succeeded in putting her constituents in more danger. The Department of Justice didn’t take too kindly to her actions either, and the mayor is currently under investigation by them.

The state’s leaders think they are above the law and should be allowed to do whatever they want. This has led to the federal government stepping in and filing a lawsuit protesting the sanctuary laws that directly violate the federal laws.

Is it any wonder people are leaving the state in droves?

Anywhere but California

Brian Uhler, with the Legislative Analyst’s Office, said: “between 2007 and 2016, six million Californians left the state.” Unrest over politics is not the only reason. Homelessness has become a serious issue in larger cities, while the cost of living and owning a home continues to skyrocket.

As Fox40 reported, “according to Zillow, the average price for a home in the U.S. was $261,000 in February 2018. The average home price in California was $469,000.” Uhler confirmed this, stating:

“California’s cost of living, which is primarily driven by our housing costs, are higher than pretty much any other state in the country. And as a baseline, that means people are going to be more likely to leave California for other states.”

“Over the last few decades, more people have been leaving California for other states than have been coming here,” he said.

The good ‘ole days when families flocked to California filled with hope and dreams, holding up signs that read “California or bust,” are long gone. Now it’s more like “go to California and bust.” While the weather and long coast are a draw, who would want to live in a state so divided that cities fight against each other and the state itself, where illegal immigrants are encouraged to seek refuge, and where politicians have caused so much strife they’ve pitted the state against the U.S. government?

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