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CA Spirals as Moonbeam Brown Signs Raft of Laws

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Articles, Politics, The Left

Proving once again that California is not a state to be taken seriously by adults, Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill into law that will require publicly traded corporations headquartered in the Golden State to have at least one woman on their board of directors.

The obvious legal concerns that rise up with a state government making personnel decisions for private companies did not dissuade the governor in the least. Brown CC’d the Senate Judiciary Committee upon signing the bill.

You see, for the highest official in California, sending a political message always takes precedence over actually working on behalf of the citizens of the state. Brown admitted this very fact when he conceded that “serious legal objections have been raised” about the bill.

“I don’t minimize the potential flaw that indeed may prove fatal to its ultimate implementation,” the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Yet he went ahead and signed it anyway. Because that is what you do when you are a Democrat politician. You make meaningless gestures on the public dime.

Ludicrous Legislating

Just how silly this useless law will prove to be in its short lifespan before a judge strikes it down is illustrated by remarks made by the legislation’s original author. State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson believes the law will be good for business operations because women work better in groups and are better at multi-tasking than men.

Apparently, corporations deciding of their own accord that they don’t need multi-taskers working together on their boards of directors is not a call they get to make.

“This is one of the last bastions of total male domination,” Jackson said. “We know that the public and business are not being well-served by this level of discrimination.”

For leftists, of course, the possibilities that flow from this irrational line of thinking are endless.

Brown also signed a push-the-envelope bill that enacts strict net neutrality diktats in his state, drawing an immediate lawsuit from the federal Department of Justice. He also vetoed a bill that would have required California public universities to provide abortion pills to students.

No, this was not a rare moment of moral or intellectual sanity for Brown. Grave concern about universities’ abilities to adequately handle the complex health complications that come with the abortion pill and worries about costly legal ramifications if they fall short, forced the governor to step away from this lunatic bill.

Pricey Posturing

Back in his leftist wheelhouse, Brown signed a bill making it illegal for anyone to buy a rifle or shotgun in the state until they turn 21. The bill’s supporters cited the usual pabulum about school shootings in urging that young adults’ constitutional right to protect themselves should be impinged upon.

This is going to prove devastating news to the young members of MS-13 that infest the state. These callow youths will now have to go without rifles and shotguns in their formative teen-aged gangbanging years. I mean, that’s the way it works, right? Pass a law and criminals will obey it?

Oh, well. It’s been a tough few days for illegal aliens and their preening champions on the Left Coast anyway. A federal judge struck down the sanctuary state law signed by the governor.

Just asking, but has anyone ever tabulated the cost to the taxpayer of all these feel-good political gestures that immediately run into legal brick walls? Besides the salaries of the vapid politicians who waste time coming up with such nonsense, there are the staffers who write and print the legislation and the various mechanisms involved with running a statehouse. Finally there are the expenses that come with housing and feeding a moonbeam governor in between self-righteous bill signings.

State legislatures are serious things. They’re better suited for adults. Alas, California seems to be plumb out of them these days.

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