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Biden’s Safer America Plan: Just a Fancy Name for Gun Control

The president wants us to trade liberty for security – but would deliver neither.

Joe Biden visited Pennsylvania’s Wilkes University Tuesday to extol his Safer America Plan. How can the nation be made a safer place – the kind of country everyone can be proud to call home, like it was back when Biden was a boy? Well, that’s easy; a renewed Pax Americana can be had for the low, low price of stricter gun control, an increased police presence, and the removal of all politicians from power who don’t toe the left-wing line. In short, the president wants the people to trade liberty for a security he will never deliver.

A Safer America – But for Whom?

In his speech, the president praised lawmakers who voted to pass the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which he called the most significant gun control bill in 30 years. But more must be done. For those Republicans who, as Biden put it, “couldn’t even stand up and vote for it because they’re afraid of the NRA,” he has nothing but scorn. Biden urged the people to unite to replace any politician who wouldn’t support yet another federal assault weapons ban. “It’s time to hold every elected official’s feet to the fire and ask them: Are you for banning assault weapons, yes or no? Ask them,” he declared. “If the answer’s no, vote against them.”

For those shocked to hear the president of the United States begging for a ban on semi-automatic rifles, have a look at the “Plan to End Our Gun Violence Epidemic” released by the then-candidate’s campaign. Liberty Nation analyzed the anti-armed citizen manifesto shortly after its unveiling, explaining in detail the misleading and outright false “facts” in Part I and just what Joe Biden has in mind for the right to keep and bear arms in Part II. An assault-weapons ban is high on his anti-gun list, but it’s just one item out of many. Make no mistake: The commander-in-chief declared war on the Second Amendment well before taking his post, and he intends to see it through.

The president wants a safer America alright – safer for the statists who hope someday to rule over the unwashed masses, free from the constraints of the Constitution – an outdated paper shield, as far as he’s concerned.

Time for a Refund

It’s no secret to anyone who has paid attention over the last couple of years that Democrats were the party of “Defund the Police!” So the president’s words excoriating Republicans for claiming to be the champions of law and order after supporting the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot ring especially sanctimonious.

New banner Liberty Nation Analysis 1Biden is nothing if not bold when it comes to telling tall tales. As LN’s Graham J. Noble explained in July, “[w]ith polls suggesting he is well on the way to being known as the least popular president in American history and his party staring down a crushing defeat in November, Joe Biden has the nerve to portray himself, on Twitter, as a friend to the police.” But as Charles Barkley explained to James Harden in a 2014 athletic shoe commercial, all the greats have short memories. The Jan. 6 riot gave Democrats and the president the cover they needed to pivot away from their well-deserved anti-police image.

Naturally, that leads to increasing police funding as well as authority as part of the president’s new plan to cut crime. Hypocrisy of the highest order? Perhaps – or maybe who’s in charge of the executive branch at the moment is a factor. In any case, defund the police was a flop, so now it’s time for a refund.

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(Photo by Mostafa Bassim/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Anything You Want to Hear, Except the Truth

Whether it’s cracking down on gun violence or lashing the GOP from an imaginary moral high ground, the message is clear: Election time is coming, and Republicans must go. Like so many politicians – regardless of party affiliation – Biden is simply saying what he thinks will sway voters. Anything you want to hear – except the truth.

Consider the recently announced student loan forgiveness, for example. The president promised this during his campaign, yet only now – a year-and-a-half later and just before an expected red wave in the midterms – does he deliver. The timing is a bit suspicious, no? That said, while roasting Republicans for a position his own party so recently parroted is pure politics, Biden would absolutely love to restrict the right to keep and bear arms. As Mr. Noble also wrote, “Democrats have never come across a gun restriction they didn’t like.”

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