Every time it seems like the gun control debate is dying down, another news story is published detailing the actions of entities on the side that wants to restrict access to firearms further. Last week, Bank of America announced that they would no longer lend money to businesses that manufacture guns.

There is no doubt that the bank is bowing to pressure from the anti-gun left. In order to please the powers that be, they have decided to take a stand. Unfortunately, their stance is based on the same ignorance that plagues other proponents of additional gun legislation.

 Taking A Stand Against The 2nd Amendment

On Tuesday of last week, Bank of America announced that they would stop providing loans to businesses that manufacture “military-style” assault weapons for non-military purposes. Anne Finucane, a vice chairman at the bank, told Bloomberg television, “It’s our intention not to finance these military-style firearms for civilian use.”

She also stated that the company had “intense conversations” with gun manufacturers over the past few months. Some of these manufacturers agreed to make changes to their products to comply with Bank of America’s restrictions. Others decided to go to other financial institutions.

Bank of America’s decision is no doubt a result of pressure on financial institutions to stop the sale of supposed “assault rifles. The public outcry came after the shooting at a high school in Parkland high school. Of course, it is not yet known how the bank defines “military-style” firearms.

This is not the first financial institution to take action in the wake of the shooting. In March, Citigroup announced that they would not lend to gun manufacturers who provide bump stocks or sell guns to Americans under the age of 21.

After the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school, the gun control movement received an outpouring of support. The establishment news media outlets featured guests who promoted anti-gun policies. They gave little attention to those who do not believe that additional legislation is an adequate solution.

What Are Military-Style Weapons?

The left has trouble defining what constitutes an “assault weapon.” Many of the more uninformed supporters of gun control argue that semiautomatic guns are military-style weapons. Indeed, there have been a significant number of left-wingers who support banning semiautomatic weapons. Rifles like the AR-15 are not military-style weapons. Indeed, the military actually rejected this particular rifle as it does not continuously fire bullets if you hold down the trigger. One bullet is fired each time the trigger is pulled. Most proponents of gun control are woefully uneducated on guns – which begs the question: Why should they be able to determine gun policy?

For some reason, they believe that rifles like the AR-15 are responsible for mass shootings. They think that a mass shooter would not be able to kill as many people if this type of weapon wasn’t available. However, most mass shootings are committed using handguns. The notion that an AR-15 can somehow kill more targets than a handgun has been debunked numerous times.

The American People

In the aftermath of the Parkland high school shooting, support for stricter gun control measures increased. The establishment media held numerous interviews with the survivors of the attack who supported gun control while all but ignoring the survivors that advocated for gun rights. CNN held a town hall that was blatantly skewed toward the gun control side of the argument. Leftist organizations organized the “March For Our Lives” in which high school students across the country rallied in support of gun control.

Despite the left’s best efforts, recent polls have shown that support for more gun legislation has waned. A Gallup poll showed that Americans overwhelmingly support better training for first responders and armed security in schools more than more gun control laws. A Quinnipiac University poll demonstrated that pro-gun control sentiment had decreased significantly since the Parkland shooting.

The left has used the Parkland school shooting to push for more laws restricting gun ownership and to smear conservatives who value the Second Amendment. They have shown that they will go to great lengths to push their agenda even though their arguments are largely based on misinformation and outright lies. Nevertheless, it appears their attempts have failed once again. If the recent polls are any indication, the American public isn’t buying what the gun control lobby is selling.


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