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America Divided into Red and Blue Nations?

Can the great American political divide be healed, or are we past the point of no return?

To say that America is politically divided might just be the understatement of the year. As the country prepares for the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden, protests and civil unrest break out across the nation. The red and blue divide only seemed to grow more pronounced after the Capitol protest and the following repercussions from the left, which included banning President Donald Trump from social media and big tech companies rejecting conservative sites like Parler. Citizens have become so disgusted with modern politics that a whopping 25% believe it would be a good idea to make the split more permanent.

Just the News Daily reported on a poll with Scott Rasmussen that “A sizeable percentage of U.S. voters support a proposal to split the country into two separate countries – amid bitter political divides.” The survey consisted of 1,200 registered voters conducted by Rasmussen. Most participants were contacted via the internet or text messaging while 227 were questioned using phone polling techniques. According to Rasmussen, the margin of sampling error was +/-2.8%.

Although 52% of those questioned were “strongly against” separating the country into Republican and Democratic nations, there were still impressive numbers for those who were more open to the idea:

  • Strongly favor: 11%
  • Somewhat favor: 14%
  • Not sure: 12%
  • Somewhat oppose: 10%

Digging into the results a little deeper, there are some surprising stats. For example, Hispanics had the higher numbers of those who strongly favor a split at 15% while whites had the highest of participants who strongly oppose at 57%. Even blacks scored higher than whites when it came to dividing the nation, with a total of 28% in favor compared to 23% for whites.

About twice as many men were open to the idea than women, while the two genders were about equal in the strongly oppose column: men 52% to women 53%. The young voters tallied in just under the 45-54 age group with 15% strongly in favor of separating the blue and red compared to the latter’s 16% approval. The senior citizen range least favored the idea, with only 9% in agreement and 64% strongly opposing.

The American people are so divided and opposed to each other’s political ideals right now that some have even warned that the nation is headed for a civil war. Splitting the country into two separate nations might seem like the equivalent of separating a schoolyard fight between two students. But the logistics and repercussions require a more thorough investigation. There’s the money to consider, of course. The West Coast for example. There’s a solid blue line along the coastal border rich in agriculture, tech, and movie stars. California’s Central Valley supplies the nation with much of its crops. How would separating that area affect the “other” nation?

Have we passed the point of no return? Will apologies and a new president asking for citizens to finally unite be enough to curb the animosity and division? Or will more people grow to favor two nations, under God?


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