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All Roads Lead to Racism: A Pete Buttigieg Story

Yes, Seriously, eminent domain is racist. Progress is racist, Eisenhower’s interstate system? Racist!

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Articles, Race

Are you a racist? Newly elevated to Cabinet-level status, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg can answer that question for all. Yes, you are, because even the roadways across the nation have been built upon systemic racism – white folks have no shot at wriggling out of this accusation. The former small-town Indiana mayor recently told reporter April Ryan that racism is built into the country’s highway system, and “that’s why the jobs plan has specifically committed to reconnect some of the communities that were divided by these dollars.”

What does that even mean? Perhaps Buttigieg is adopting his enigmatic leader’s cryptic style of communication. Pete went on to explain, still encrypted: “There are stories, and I think Philadelphia and Pittsburgh [and] in New York, Robert Moses famously saw through the construction of a lot of highways.” One can assume Buttigieg is calling out the famous white urban planner who built roughly 700 miles of road in and around New York City and upstate, 20,000 acres of parkland and public beaches, 658 playgrounds. The man also built seven new bridges, the Central Park Zoo, and the Lincoln Center arts complex.

How bad could he be?

Buttigieg Reading Obama’s Book Club

It would appear Mayor Pete came up with this racist roadway theory by reading the writings of Lewis Mumford – another city planner critical of Moses’s success – who spoke out against congestion. Lewis wrote: “In the 20th century, the influence of Robert Moses on the cities of America was greater than that of any other person.” How disappointing to progress. And through the pages of The Powerbroker, a book written by Robert Caro published in 1974 that Mr. Obama said “mesmerized” him.

The tome discusses the people directly affected by urban planning, claiming 500,000 people were evicted from their homes so Moses could realize his dream. Others claim Moses dragged New York into the modern age, and critics dismiss progress insisting he subjugated humans to the mercy of the automobile. New York is a congested mess – not because of racist roadways but because people live on top of each other like Legos.

The takeaway here is that Buttigieg is citing Moses as plowing through the black communities across the nation to build the highway system. Yes, Seriously, eminent domain is racist. Progress is racist, Eisenhower’s interstate system? Racist!

Heck, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), not satisfied with publicity from a pandemic, has declared “racism” a threat to public health. Is it contagious, and do we wear a mask and socially distance when in the company of pasty white folks? Public health specialist and physician Dr. Camara Phyllis Jones explains: “Race doesn’t put you at higher risk. Racism puts you at higher risk.”

Okay, Pete. I’m a Racist

How far are the Biden-Harris progressives willing to go in dividing the nation further, seeking obscure opportunities to decry racism? Buttigieg repeated his desire to equalize infrastructure to include communities of color – apparently, they don’t have roads – and inciting anger towards a dead guy, saying it “wasn’t just an act of neglect” but rather a “conscious choice.”

Of course, laird Biden was around in the 1970s and 1980s and didn’t see any issues avoiding “racial jungles.” But he’s woke now and will fix the infrastructure with a $2 trillion plan to save the day. It’s a plan that tickles the likes of Secretary Buttigieg, who dug deep to find the racial roads we use every day can be washed clean of the racists’ who made our lives easier by planning highways and city landscapes.

Perhaps it is time to just agree with the liberal left that any pale face is a racist and let them all find a new word to overuse and render invalid. Okay, just like the street I live on, I’m racist. Now what?


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