It’s widely known among inside-the-beltway types as Disney World for Conservatives. And today the greatest attraction of all – President Donald Trump — takes the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C.

Reuters reports:

President Donald Trump takes the stage on Friday at the annual conservative forum, looking to plant his personal stamp firmly on the political movement even as some activists fret his immigration and trade policies go too far.

Trump will address the third day of the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, which has focused on how to fulfill long-held Republican goals to revamp the U.S. tax code, repeal federal regulations on industry and repeal former Democratic President Barack Obama’s healthcare law.

The President has been at CPAC before and many there weren’t sure what to make of him. In fact, dyed-in-the-wool conservatives still are unsure Trump is one of their own. Nevertheless, he ultimately beat out many CPAC favorite sons and is, in a way, rebranding the conservative message.

Hardliners still take issue with some of his policies but like it or not, Trump is their man. Still others have backed the President and his message of America first and want to see what he will do in the months ahead:

David Burke of Dover, Delaware, who said he spent 30 years in the U.S. Air Force, wanted to hear Trump talk on Friday about all the issues he promoted during the presidential campaign.

“I think most everything he’s been saying is going to put the country in the right direction,” Burke said, adding he approved of Trump’s immigration policies and his emphasis on keeping businesses in the United States.

Trump has been under fire recently from some in the conservative community who urge him to move off the media lies mantra and back into governing by putting into place his policies and campaign promises.

The President takes the stage at CPAC at the National Harbor in Maryland later today. Liberty Nation will be following the story and provide updates for our readers as they happen.

Leesa K Donner

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