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Woke Denver Trips Over Red Carpet Rolled Out to Migrants

City government officials beg illegals to leave after giving them all they could ever ask for.

The uber-woke city of Denver is learning the hard way that when it comes to the migrant inundation of America’s cities, too much is never enough. The Rocky Mountain burg has gone viral again for all the wrong reasons. “A video from inside a migrant shelter in Denver shows a city leader begging families to move on to other cities and warning of a bleak future if they stay,” KUSA-TV reported March 30.

“Denver’s Newcomer Communications Liaison Andres Carrera, who also serves as Mayor Mike Johnston’s political director, tells newly arrived migrants that Denver cannot support them,” the station continues.

Despite the welcoming job title, Carrera doesn’t want any more “newcomers” hitting town. Instead, he is captured on video informing a group of migrants that there are more goodies to be found in other progressive cities.

“The opportunities are over,” Carrera said in Spanish. “New York gives you more. Chicago gives you more. So I suggest you go there where there is longer-term shelter. There are also more job opportunities there.”

Government-Approved Shadow Economy

The tragi-comic moment is made worse when one realizes just how far Denver has gone to attract the aliens it now so desperately wants no part of. Woke progressives in government, media, and the general citizenry have created the very environment that has made the city a 90-ton magnet for illegals.

GettyImages-1488926653 migrants

(Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Denverites are being urged to hire migrants ahead of their own fellow citizen neighbors. That this is a violation of federal immigration law is not regarded as a serious impediment. “Technically, any form of income being earned by an immigrant without authorization is against immigration regulations, and that could cause problems later in their case. But it’s not an immediate concern for many of these people – they won’t get picked up by (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). They won’t get arrested for selling things,” Ashley Cuber, “an immigration attorney with the Aurora-based firm El Refugio,” told Colorado Newsline in March.

Woke citizens are eager to help.

“Many residents view hiring people, despite the legal restrictions, to be a way to support both a city that has spent $36 million assisting more than 37,000 migrants while they are not permitted to work and to support people trying to move into this country,” local news site Denverite reported in February.

“Advocates are asking community members to consider hiring migrants first and to pay at least market rates for work,” the outlet adds. “Some community members are helping immigrants find clients. To do so effectively, advocates ask people to ensure migrants are receiving fair pay and are collecting wages.”

“Hiring migrants first.” What a wonderful thought as Americans suffer in inflation-racked Bidenomics 2024. Again we stress: All of this is against the law.

Don’t expect Denver government officials to protest. They are among those encouraging the expansion of this underground economy – which, by the way, has been known to feature child labor abuses, sex trafficking, and a host of other horrific social ills.

“We understand and know that people are going to do anything they can to take care of themselves and their families, whether it is authorized by the federal government or not,” Denver Department of Human Services spokesperson Jon Ewing said,” Colorado Newsline detailed. “We’ve always known that there are folks without work authorization working in this country.”

Illegal Aliens as Denver City Employees?

But Denver officials aren’t stopping there. They have even mulled putting illegals on the city government payroll. “Denver Mayor Mike Johnston met with members of the Biden administration last week in Washington to lobby them to pass changes to a 1980s law limiting who can work in the United States,” KUSA reported on January 22. “Migrants are not allowed to apply for federal work authorization for 150 days after they file for asylum.”

“A spokesperson for Johnston’s office told [the station] they are asking Congress to change work authorization requirements as part of a border security bill,” the station explained. “If that does not pass, they are asking President Joe Biden to take executive action. Considering the political ramifications that could have during an election year, both those options could prove unlikely.”

New Banner Illegal ImmigrationThe officials endorsing this scandalous policy are fully aware of the criminal nature of their proposed actions. “Denver is exploring whether the city can employ migrants to give them jobs and a way to earn money, since the federal work laws likely don’t apply to state and local governments. The mayor’s spokesperson said it comes with a ‘significant level of risk,’ since the legal theory has never been tested,” KUSA continued.

“The mayor’s office [said] they are well aware that if [Donald] Trump wins the [presidential] election in November everything could change when it comes to immigration. There are fears that if the city of Denver hires migrants to allow them to work, the federal government, especially under Trump if he wins, could come in and criminally charge everyone from the city who is employing migrants.”

How about preferential treatment in rental housing? Denver is pushing that too.

“We put out a feeler to all the landlords we have connections with,” Denver Human Services spokesman Ewing said in March. “Basically said, listen, we’re going to have some newcomers who are going to need housing.”

Newcomers again. Woke Denver government officials sure do love using that Joe Biden descriptor. And they even have an entire network organized to further their housing push:

“A recent email sent to Denver rental property owners asked if they would be interested in renting to migrants who need housing.

“‘We’ve got kind of a rent cap – $2,000,’ Ewing said.

“The effort is being spearheaded by entities beyond the city of Denver.

“‘The nonprofits already have connected folks with all kinds of housing, all over Denver,’ Ewing said.”

KDVR, the local Fox affiliate in Denver, even joined in. “If you know somebody who is a property owner, if you yourself are and are willing to rent to migrants, we’ve got information on how you can do that online,” intrepid TV reporter Rogelio Mares says at the end of the segment.

It raises an obvious question: Who needs New York or Chicago when all this is laid at your feet? “As he wraps up his remarks, Carrera asks the crowd, ‘Okay, who wants to travel to different cities where there is more work?’” KUSA writes as it concludes its account of the migrant-begging Denver official.

“Little reaction is seen in the video. ‘Who wants to stay in Denver?’ ‘Todos,’ a migrant replies — everyone.”

And the destruction of America’s once-great cities goes on.

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