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Uncounted Carnage: Sex Trafficking of Young Female Migrants

The unconscionable human cruelty fostered by open borders.

An open-borders immigration policy is taking a catastrophic toll on migrant women, both inside the United States and for those who fail to make it here. Criminal rings devoted to sex trafficking specifically target this exceedingly vulnerable underclass, destroying young lives and feeding societal decay. Recent news reports have shed a sliver of light on the immensity of an ongoing tragedy.

Big Apple Slavery

The epidemic is making its soul-crushing mark everywhere. Major American cities are a natural fit due to their sheer size and the normalization of large populations of newly arrived immigrants and illegal aliens. The saddest part of an Aug. 30 news item out of New York City may be how unextraordinary it reads in 2022.

“Hundreds of women may have fallen prey to an alleged New York sex trafficker — who lured some victims through bogus online ads for waitressing gigs — in a sprawling operation that dates back a decade, federal investigators said Tuesday,” The New York Post reported. “The accused madam, Ysenni Gomez, allegedly targeted newly arrived Spanish-speaking immigrants to ensnare in forced prostitution in Westchester County and the Bronx.”

“We believe there are likely many more victims,” FBI Supervisory Special Agent Brendan Kenney told the paper. “This operation could have been going on for as many as 10 years.”

The Big Apple first became a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens in 2014. Behind the cheap moral preening lies the ugly fact that such a policy is a godsend for pimps. Their shark-like predatory prowling for young and defenseless victims is guaranteed a never-ending supply of goldfish thanks to the political leaders of the most populous city in the United States.

Small-Town Sex Trafficking

But rural America is also afflicted by the scourge. An Aug. 5 report in The Crozet Gazette, a community newspaper serving the Charlottesville area in Virginia, painted a gruesome picture of a problem that is only getting worse:

“Over the last few years, several traffickers have been convicted for operating prostitution rings using trafficked women in Charlottesville, some out of ordinary-looking apartment complexes in town.

“While labor trafficking is more common in the southern and southwest U.S., undocumented immigrants [i.e., illegal aliens] and refugees are often exploited in rural and agricultural areas for farming and harvest labor. ‘Being an undocumented immigrant can be a vulnerability,’ said [long-time Crozet resident and manager of the Victim Witness Assistance Program at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Virginia Annette] Cox. ‘Traffickers prey on undocumented workers, whose illegal work status, language barriers, and fear of the police make them a perfect target. Imagine being forced to sleep in the basement of a restaurant where you work every single day with little to no pay. You don’t know the language or where exactly you are, or how to tell anybody where you are.’”

GettyImages-507226896 sex trafficking officers

(Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images)

Beyond the cheap-labor magnets that come with a far greater cost in human suffering, an Eastern seaboard state like Virginia is ripe to experience an uptick in sex trafficking due to its well-built infrastructure.

“Major highways that crisscross Virginia like I-81, I-64, and I-95 help traffickers move victims from place to place,” The Gazette noted. “The better the road system, the more likely the drug trafficking, and the more likely the human trafficking,” said Cox. “Areas of highest incidence in Virginia are in the north, central, and southeast regions, and the east coast from Florida to New York/New Jersey is a long band of high activity,” The Gazette explained.

The dark hand of sexual slavery stalks desperate young females who have crossed the border no matter where they end up. But that is not all. For many, the horror begins long before they approach the Texas state line.

Child Prostitution to Our Immediate South

A shocking Aug. 2 NBC News account reveals the staggering abuse of women in Mexico spurred by the floodtide of humanity headed for America:

“In recent years, Mexico has experienced a record migratory flow toward the United States, with U.S. authorities detecting more than 1.7 million undocumented immigrants on the border with Mexico in fiscal year 2021. In addition, more than 58,000 people requested refuge in Mexico during the first half of 2022, a situation that is unprecedented in the country.”

Those numbers may not be an eye-opener for Americans inured to the inundation. But how about this?

GettyImages-890470356 Sex Trafficking

(Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images)

“In 2021, A21, an independent anti-trafficking organization, stated that Mexico is the country with the third-highest rate of trafficking against children, only surpassed by Thailand and Cambodia,” the network continued.

How could this have been allowed to be? A nation that borders the most advanced country in the Western world today is a haven for child prostitution on a level rivalling the infamous fleshpots of southeast Asia.

“According to official data, the Mexican government identified 744 trafficking victims in 2021, compared to 673 in 2020 and 658 in 2019, but experts point out that official numbers don’t reflect the reality, since the vast majority of cases aren’t reported,” NBC writes.

Each individual statistic represents a human being, often that of an innocent child, that is utterly destroyed by monstrous evil. Who knows what the actual number may be?

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