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Vogue’s Guilt Trip for White Women Voters (Hint: It’s not working)

It’s time for the post-election beat down on white conservative women. It seems to be happening with increased frequency these days. It happened in 2016 when women voted for Donald J. Trump. It occurred again in Alabama when they voted for Roy Moore. And now, in the Midterm Madness of 2018, they’ve done it again. When the left doesn’t like the outcome at the polls, they run screaming to and from the data that demonstrates white conservative women are not voting with them.

Then they rip us to shreds.

This time it’s that bastion of style and fashion – yes, the place that women must go to tell them what to wear and how to style their hair and apply their make-up: Vogue.

“As sure as black women have proven themselves to be the often-underappreciated backbone of the Democratic party, white women voters are establishing themselves as maddeningly, confusingly . . . unsisterly.”

White conservative women are “unsisterly,” which is liberal-speak for the fact that we will not vote the way the left wants us to. Whatever is wrong with us? Why can’t we just take our orders from the top and fall in line, for heaven’s sake?  This independence of thought by white conservative women is really beginning to piss these misogynists off.

Oh, Misogyny!

Ah yes, there’s the word – the one they throw around so easily, so scurrilously, so often, though they haven’t a clue of its meaning. Let’s make this a teachable moment for them, shall we?


Misogyny mi·sog·y·ny /məˈsäjənē/


“behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex.”

So, when Vogue calls female conservative voters “emotional” and “irrational,” they advance their own form of misogyny on us. Could we be exaggerating here? Check this out:

“Emotionally, though perhaps irrationally, we want to believe in white women’s better angels. We want to believe that certain issues should be universal to all women (and, really, all humans): a right to health care, to choose what’s best for our bodies, that our children should be safe at school. But, clearly, it’s not so simple. Even as we rightfully mourn their voting habits, we may be misguided to hold white women voters to a higher standard.”

Not only are conservative white women irrational, but we are thoughtless. Our votes show we care little about others. And there lies the real undercurrent of their message: the guilt trip. Vogue (and others) opine that if they can’t appeal to our senses, they must log into that ever-present character trait of guilt:

We theorize and spitball: Are they so invested in their own white privilege that they simply don’t care about other women? Are they parroting their Republican husbands and/or brainwashed by Fox & Friends? Maybe and maybe.

This presumption continues—that because “women want better schools for their children, that means they want them for everybody’s children,” … “but that is not the case.”

Do As We Say

It never crosses the minds of these lefty writers that white conservative women just do not agree with them on the issues. Oddly enough, our votes reveal that we have minds of our own. We are not on board with abortion. We generally don’t give a rat whether some guy is being accused of a tryst or sexual aggression because we see this played out time and again and know that sometimes its real and sometimes it isn’t – but most often it just doesn’t matter in the overall scheme of things. This is because we do care about our children, security, immigration, and healthcare.

This independence of thought they cannot abide. How dare we think for ourselves – it’s so, so, well, unsisterly.  Really? If that’s the best they can do, then bring it on. Most conservative women I know – and they are white, black and Hispanic – vote their minds, and no amount of liberal virtue-signaling and moralizing is going to change that.

Vogue would be better to stay in their lane and advance their theories on whether skirts will be long or short this season because they clearly know nothing about the autonomous conservative white woman and how she votes.

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