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Independent conservative journalist Brittany Pettibone and leader of the Austrian patriot group Generation Identity Martin Sellner were recently detained by airport police upon arrival at Heathrow International Airport in the U.K. and refused entry into the country. They were told that they were detained “because they are right wing.”

Thereby the U.K. ominously joins the ranks of Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Iran and other dubious countries that imprison political dissidents.

Tyranny and Bias

The fact that the UK is currently governed by the conservative party makes the detainment even more disturbing. Neither Pettibone nor Sellner are terrorists and nor are they members of any recognized terrorist group.

By contrast, Antifa is a far-left terrorist organization that regularly uses violence and can travel freely into the U.K without being detained. They are also free to attack people with no repercussions.

The official reason for Brittany Pettibone’s detainment was that she was going to interview Rebel Media journalist and political activist Tommy Robinson. As the former leader of the English Defence League, he is a highly controversial figure in the U.K.

At approximately the same time that the airport police detained her, Robinson had to defend himself against violent Antifa-members attacking him in broad daylight while the police were standing by and doing nothing. As writer Douglas Murray has pointed out, if the government spent as much time and resources on stopping actual terrorists as they do on stopping the people who warn about terrorism, there probably would not be a terror problem in the U.K.

No Hidden Agenda

Martin Sellner is a known non-violent political cultural activist. He and a group of European patriots rose to fame last year when they piloted a boat in the Mediterranean under the banner “Defend Europe” to prevent human trafficking from Libya to Italy. Liberty Nation wrote about it here.

He too has become a controversial figure in the U.K recently as Generation Identity started a U.K branch. The media channel ITV infiltrated the Generation Identity U.K and made a “documentary” about the new right. One undercover journalist infiltrated the group for six months and was very disappointed to find that they did not have any secret agenda. They are saying the same thing behind closed doors as they are proclaiming publicly.

Sellner was scheduled to hold a speech in London and this was the reason for his detainment. His civilized discourse is deemed so dangerous that it must be stopped. Meanwhile, radical leftists and Islamists can preach a message of hate and violence freely and openly.

Police State has Arrived

The U.K is making choices that are unheard of in liberal democracies. It is particularly disconcerting and sad that the home country of George Orwell, the author of “1984” and “Animal Farm”, and the home of the enlightenment and the Magna Carta is taking such a dark path.

It is pertinent to ask: was this type of totalitarian policy really what the British war heroes of World War II fought for on the beaches of Normandy?  Hopefully, it is a question that more Brits will ask themselves in the time to come, because if they don’t there may come a time when it is illegal to ask such questions.

You can watch an interview Sellner and Pettibone conducted by Tommy Robinson here:


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