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TwitterZone: Transgender Incident in Los Angeles Lays Bare the Transgender Debate

Bickering at a Koreatown spa over a transgender woman exposing herself in the presence of children reveals both sides of a contentious issue.

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At the Wi Spa located in Los Angeles’ Koreatown neighborhood, video surfaced of an upset mother angrily speaking with employees, criticizing them for allowing a transgender woman to expose herself in the women’s section of the spa in the presence of underage girls. But the business had its hands tied. California law dictates that businesses are not allowed to discriminate against transgender populations, and the state has a long history of preventing state employees and school athletes from traveling to “anti-LGBTQ” states in its effort to advance its agenda in the realm of transgender rights.

On social media, many were sympathetic to the mother’s concern about the exposure of male genitalia to children. The facts remain unclear, as no specific information has been made public on the circumstances of the incident. Critics attacked the mother for taking minors into such a spa and pointed out her transphobic language that they claimed was demeaning and insulting.

The leftist establishment media cover transgender issues as a quintessential aspect of the culture war. Left-wing Democrats have long attacked any Republicans who express any form of resistance to executive orders and state laws that expand transgender rights that sometimes seem to come at a cost to everyday Americans. Social conservatives have argued that mere self-identification as a transgender can lead to ill-intentioned people using that designation to gain entrance into bathrooms of the opposite sex. Their critics argue that these arguments are just fearmongering against the expansion of transgender rights across the country.

The transgender bathroom debate has roiled for almost a decade. Beginning in 2013, the Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled that a transgender student must be allowed to use the girls’ bathroom at her elementary school, the first such ruling in the United States. In May 2016, Title IX protections were specifically provided to transgender students. That same year, public attention to the issue skyrocketed when the North Carolina legislature intended to pass a bill barring the city of Charlotte from distinguishing between gender identification and biological sex regarding access to bathrooms in the city. The legislature received immense criticism. Blue states, like California, have also begun to boycott and blacklist red states like Alabama, North Carolina, Texas, and Oklahoma for policies that they claim discriminate against LGBTQ Americans. An increasing number of Supreme Court cases involving the transgender community demonstrates how the debate is expanding in a wave of controversies.


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