President Trump signed executive orders on Wednesday that temporarily bans refugees and blocks any visas from being granted to a list of seven countries in the Middle East and Asia. While heads on the Left explode, liberal pundits at The Week scream that Trump’s actions are nothing but “bigotry,” willfully ignoring the administration’s explanation that America’s security makes the temporary move necessary.

Reuters was forced to admit that Trump had the power to make such a decision, and CNN worked its spin into the story, using phrases like “alarmist language” and bemoaning the fact that bureaucratic red tape hasn’t stopped Trump from putting his campaign promises into motion. Greg Krieger could barely contain his contempt—an emotion supposedly left for opinion pieces and not journalistic reporting—as he complained about Trump’s pen:

The grinding machinery of federal government has not checked his most extreme ambitions, as so many savvy observers predicted, and the weight of the office has not humbled or aroused in him some reservoir of internal reflection. Instead, much as we saw during the primary — as defeated Republicans fell in line behind Trump only to be mocked or ignored — power only emboldens him.

The phrase “Muslim ban” is being used to describe the executive orders, despite the term being inaccurate. The only countries affected are Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen—historically the same countries that have an active terror presence.

From a national security standpoint, it’s a common-sense move. Syrian Refugees in European countries have been implicated in staggering reports of rape and assaults; not to mention the issue of bringing in thousands of people who adhere to a belief system that demands the subjugation of the “infidels” who believe differently.

The President also signed an executive order calling for a wall on the US-Mexico border and the punishment of sanctuary cities who defy federal and state law and protect illegal immigrants who come to their cities. Two days ago, Mexican President Nieto outlined his priorities for negotiating with the Trump administration—the $25 billion in revenue to Mexico from illegal immigrants in the US sending money home. Nieto also mentioned things like respect and economic integration, but that $25 billion also happens to be the second largest source of income for Mexico.

There is no word yet on reactions from the various countries affected by Trump’s executive orders, or what that means for those already here in the US from one of those countries, but his executive orders thus far show a definite trend of “America First,” no matter what. If nothing else, President Trump is proving he keeps his word, as he pushes forward with his campaign agenda.


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