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Trump and DeSantis Bet Big on Iowa

Heartlanders seem ready to give the nod to Trump.

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While the country watched the US House of Representatives – with great pomp and circumstance – kick one congressman to the curb, former President Donald Trump pursued Iowa much like a besotted teen on a sugar high. Politically speaking, it was a high-octane week for waggling tongues and strong opinions.

Adios, Hombre

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) was expelled from Congress after escaping two previous attempts. The guy had all sorts of issues, including vanity and insecurity, after allegedly using campaign funds for Botox injections and OnlyFans subscriptions.

The House Ethics Committee concluded that Santos “sought to fraudulently exploit every aspect of his House candidacy for his own personal financial profit.” Hence, the rush to oust the man.

Paul Peck had to say something from his perch in Las Vegas: “I’m an independent –very, very conservative though and have voted Republican since 1968.” Then he admitted, “I voted for Carter because of the Playboy interviews. What a mistake that was but these Republicans are so damn stupid I can’t believe it.”

In Prague, NE, Joyce Sikora nearly spat at her screen: “How about brother lover Ilhan Omar? How about magic stock picker Nancy Pelosi?” She continued with: “How about Maxine’ I have my whole family on payroll’ Waters? How about fire alarm freak Jamaal  Bowman? How about gold bar traitor Bob Menendez? Every one of these cowards who voted to expel Santos should get an immediate audit from the Ethics Committee into their personal lives.”

Trump Is Loose in Iowa

Heartlanders are already tired of the politicking by candidates hoping to win the support of the GOP faithful. As Ryan Petit in Fountain County, IN, will tell anyone who will listen, “No one can catch Trump. He’s the guy. Just start looking for the number two and let’s unite already.” It’s early, but Petit isn’t the only one wishing the primary process were put to bed. For Iowa, that day is just around the corner on Jan. 15, 2024.

The former president is all but obsessed with winning the Iowa primary after Gov. Kim Reynolds earlier this year endorsed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Reynolds is a strong gal with a sense of pride in her home state and likes well-mannered people. Trump is not Iowa-Nice enough for her tastes. But the latest polling on 538 has Trump leading by 30 points – 47% to DeSantis’s 17%. It should be noted that candidate Nikki Haley is right on DeSantis’ high heels at 15%.

So, both candidates are traipsing around the barren fields post-harvest, springing surprise appearances at local coffee shops and pizza parlors and making important financial stops as the Iowa primary looms large. The former president spoke in Ankeny at the Whiskey River Bar and Grill and in Cedar Rapids at Kirkwood Community College to push his Commit to Caucus program.

“We are simply going to make America great again,” the former president said. In Trump’s rally-style, the audiences were receptive. There were a couple of jabs at Reynolds for her choice of endorsement, and then Trump pointed to the rest of the state’s leaders who were there in support. He even managed to slip in “Ron DeSanctimonious” slurs, but the focus was on taking Joe Biden out of power and the mantra he refuses to give up on: “The rigged and stolen election.”

Trump intoned a plea for the grassroots GOP caucus for his campaign. The winner of this first GOP caucus will set the tone, and weaker candidates will soon drop and endorse the frontrunners. DeSantis focused on his governor creds, hoping voters believe they will translate to the highest office in the land while completing his promise to visit all 99 counties of the Hawkeye State before year’s end.

With his message of reinvigorating hope for the American Dream, number 45’s visit to Iowa brought the ground troops into the fold. As Coloradan Jim McMasters said, “Trump’s description that Biden has to use the children’s ramp on Air Force One sums up his entire tenure in the Oval Office.”

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