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The TwitterZone: Presidential Debate Moderator Bias

Would-be debate moderator caught in a lie – Anti-Trumpers on Twitter blame the president.

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While news about Twitter was dominated this week by the site’s censoring of a damning report on the Biden family’s dealings in Ukraine, Twitter itself finally revealed a potential presidential debate moderator’s political bias. C-SPAN’s Political Editor and Senior Executive Producer Steve Scully admitted to lying about his Twitter account being hacked. The debate did not take place, but the media should be questioning how such an oversight could have happened, especially from the Commission on Presidential Debates.

When stories about Scully’s ties to Joe Biden and the mainstream Democratic Party arose before the second debate’s cancellation, the mainstream media played defense for Scully. Pundits argued that having a moderator involved in politics more than 40 years earlier did not indicate any biases today. Although the alarm bells had been rung, most were willing to give Scully the benefit of the doubt, with many believing that he would hit hard at Biden to make up for his perceived bias. Unfortunately, Scully’s exposure as yet another partisan pundit came through none other than Twitter itself.

Alarm Bells

After Trump began attacking the Commission for Presidential Debates for having Mr. Scully as a moderator, all hell broke loose. Scully’s tweeted request for advice from Anthony Scaramucci – a paranoid, bizarre never-Trump figure ousted from the White House less than two weeks after his appointment – led to huge questions about the would-be moderator’s impartiality. Scully’s immediate claim of a hack raised eyebrows.

In true Democrat fashion, leftists on Twitter astoundingly tried to blame Trump for these revelations. Rather than calling out the bias from within the Commission on Presidential Debates for even choosing a former Biden staffer to moderate the debate, leftist lined up rank-in-file to lament how President Trump had “brought out the worst in people.” This rallying cry was seen in almost every tweet – not criticizing the Commission on Presidential Debates or Steve Scully himself. Members of the media joked about Scully’s perceived bias as some QAnon-like conspiracy. Ultimately, the naysayers were proven wrong, trying desperately to blame President Trump for a media figure’s lies in some of the strangest lines of thinking seen on Twitter.

The Final Debate

After this debacle, questions are being asked about the legitimacy of the Debates Commission. The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board has called for the commission’s resignation, pointing out that the supposedly nonpartisan group doesn’t have a single Trump supporter in it. President Trump had already been poking fun at the commission and Joe Biden himself for running away from an in-person debate on October 15. More importantly, the credentials and biases of the final debate moderator, Kristen Welker, are being scrutinized, with the mainstream media finally acknowledging that this scrutiny is no longer unwarranted.

Since 2011, Welker has been the White House Correspondent for NBC News, a network filled with journalists and pundits staunchly against President Trump. According to The New York Post, Welker and her family have been lifelong Democrats, donating tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates, including donations to the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020.  Finally, Welker had unexplainedly deactivated her Twitter account last week for some time, calling into question what she was trying to hide.

Whatever the case may be for Kristen Welker’s bias, conservatives on Twitter are calling for a review of the Commission for Presidential Debates. In today’s hyper-partisan political setting, a commission with little oversight controlling the most critical presidential election events should be called into question. Change is necessary if America still pretends to care about the fairness of presidential debates today.


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