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The TwitterZone: Mask Madness

Twitter swoons over the prospect of more COVID-19 restrictions.

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The pandemic has undoubtedly slowed down our lives, but thus far, it has been incapable of genuinely shutting down life as we know it. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for government bureaucrats and millions of Twitter leftists hellbent on accomplishing what a pandemic could not – control over a subservient citizenry through the guise of public safety. With the backdrop of the Oct. 23 presidential debate and talk of COVID-19 precautions resurging as a result, Twitter was filled with a multitude of examples of how obsessed with government control leftists have become.

Lockdown Hypocrisy

New York and California’s new health policies have demonstrated just how far public servants are willing to go to control the population. This week, police officers in New York were recorded entering private homes and confronting a Jewish household for having more than ten people inside. Twitter immediately worked itself into a frenzy, with leftists finally finding the capacity to defend law enforcement officers for all the wrong reasons. The right to assembly has somehow been granted to Black Lives Matter protestors in New York and California while being taken away from religious communities at the same time. Indoor restaurants and movie theaters are allowed to open with smaller capacities than usual, but apparently, private homes and places of worship pose the greatest threats to the rule of Governors Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom.

Twitter’s Mask Mandate Hopes Carry On

Even though health experts have acknowledged that the federal government has almost no authority in mandating mask-wearing despite its usefulness, leftists on Twitter are still hoping for more government intervention. Dr. Anthony Fauci went on CNN earlier this week, speaking about the merits of a possible mask mandate with the latest wave of COVID-19 hitting the country. The usual suspects touted Dr. Fauci’s mild approval of a mask mandate as a sign that the United States was behind the rest of the world in our COVID-19 response. The facts say otherwise.

Europeans and Canadians on Twitter were quick to point out that while many of their countries had begun mandating masks and social distancing, their cases were still rising. Europe now has even more deaths from the virus than the United States. Mask-wearing has proven not to be the be-all and end-all for getting over the pandemic, and economic shutdowns aimed at preventing the spread of the virus in Western Europe have mostly failed.

Another Step for Government Control

Supporters of a federal mask mandate fail to understand the pointlessness of the policies they support. Businesses in the United States are enforcing mask-wearing and social distancing of their own accord, understanding the necessity of health and safety for their companies and, therefore, their livelihoods to remain open. Most people in the United States already wear masks in others’ presence in public and try to socially distance whenever possible. The United States flattened the curve to prevent the overwhelming of our health care system months ago, but that hasn’t stopped the virus from spreading since then.

Believing that the virus would go away if only we listened to the government is a fallacy that leftists are hellbent on peddling to the American people for electoral victory. In reality, responsible Americans are already taking necessary precautions for themselves and their families, and no government orders will take priority over that. Models predicting tens of millions of deaths worldwide have been debunked, and the pandemic’s reality needs to be understood and accepted – we must learn to live with the virus. Government mandates serve no purpose in changing the hearts and minds of Americans; reality does.


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