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The Real Green Wave Inside Scranton Joe’s Administration

Top aides made corporate killing after exiting Obama White House.

A big-box media outlet has gotten around to doing some reporting, and the result is another stinging cold cup of reality for progressives who rallied around Joe Biden. It turns out the term “Green Administration” to describe hardscrabble Scranton Joe’s White House lunch-pail gang best refers to the wads of cash they have amassed in the private sector after graduating from Barack Obama U.

They’re in the Money

The March 21 ABC News article reads:

“As several Obama-era officials return to the White House under President Joe Biden, their reunion comes with fuller pockets and deeper ties to corporate interests, new financial disclosure reports show.

“According to ABC News’ analysis of the most recent disclosure reports, many of Biden’s top White House officials, including Chief of Staff Ron Klain, Domestic Policy Council Director Susan Rice, National Economic Council Director Brian Deese, and coronavirus response coordinator Jeff Zients, have substantially multiplied their wealth over the past few years.”

Rice served as national security advisor to Obama from 2013 to 2017 and as United Nations ambassador from 2009 to 2013. According to ABC News, she tapped into a corporate goldmine after Obama left the White House. Rice reported “between $36 million and $149 million in various assets in her new disclosure filing released” March 20, the network reported. This includes holding major financial shares in corporate goliaths Johnson & Johnson, Apple, and Microsoft. She also has been richly compensated for serving on the Board of Directors for Netflix.

Here’s a cruel kicker for the Bernie Bros for Biden out there: “In addition, [Rice] reported shares in several oil and gas industry companies, including $1 million to $5 million of holdings in the Canadian multinational natural gas distribution company Enbridge Inc.,” ABC indicated.

Progressives were repeatedly warned throughout 2020 that, in backing establishment candidate Biden due to their blind hatred for all things Donald Trump, they were only helping to put a Swamp Uniparty oligarchy back in the saddle. Corporate entanglements are sure to directly influence U.S. policy on a plethora of issues, including, frighteningly, in the realm of national security.

Bulldogs on China?

Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is another multimillionaire featured in the ABC News write-up. Sullivan “reported holding five- to six-figure dollars’ worth of shares in private companies including Abbott Labs, American Express, Facebook, FedEx, Google, Merck, Visa and Verizon,” the network wrote. “Sullivan’s salary from the consulting firm Macro Advisory Partners [MAP] in the past year was $138,000, and his corporate consulting clients included Uber, LEGO, MasterCard and Standard Chartered Bank. He also held academic positions at Yale and Dartmouth.”

It’s not hard to discern why Sullivan happens to have a long track record of encouraging friendly ties to China. While the national security advisor and other leading Biden foreign policy figures, such as Secretary of State Antony Blinken, are currently talking exceedingly tough on dealing with the rising Asian communist superpower, they have strongly backed cozy relations for years. Corporate interests are admitted to be of paramount concern. Sullivan told an interviewer from the University of Minnesota as recently as November that there could be no Cold War with China for the simple reason that corporate “interconnections” in a globalized world would be threatened:

“The interaction between the two great powers is different [from the Cold War with the USSR]. We have interconnections economically in terms of people-to-people ties, in terms of a history of diplomatic engagement going back to [Jimmy Carter’s] Vice President [Walter] Mondale’s leadership and before. So we need a different formula here.”

In a revealing post on its corporate website, MAP, the firm that was paying Sullivan a tidy six-figure salary just one year ago, explained how it helps its clients develop a “China Market Strategy”:

“Our client, an industry-leading multinational consumer goods company, faced a turning point in its China strategy. To expand its already-successful China business, our client sought MAP’s advice to achieve a more comprehensive awareness of Beijing’s internal policy dynamics, the unique Chinese relationship between the public and private sectors, the underlying economic trends driving opportunity and volatility, and local perceptions of foreign operators.”

Sullivan worked at MAP, a “London and New York-based consulting firm that earns some $37 million a year,” from 2017 until July 2020, The American Prospect observed.

“There are a number of areas where we are fundamentally at odds [with the Chinese government], including China’s actions in Xinjiang, with regard to Hong Kong, Tibet, increasingly Taiwan, as well as actions that it’s taken in cyberspace,” Blinken robustly declared at a press conference held with Sullivan on March 21 after meeting with Chinese officials in Alaska. That’s the posturing for domestic U.S. media consumption. But Sullivan is a very wealthy man due to his ability to tap into a lucrative network that includes a company that utilizes its “distinctive macro insights” to help multinational corporations navigate the ins and outs of doing business in an authoritarian communist economic environment.

Are Americans to believe what Biden’s upper-crusters say in public, or what they have done in private for financial gain? We know what deal the Bernie Bros made. A rejuvenated American oligarchy thanks them from the bottom of its bulging wallets.


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