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China and Biden Reading from the Same Script

Xi using language of globalists to whitewash tyranny.

Chinese President Xi Jinping urged globalist elites gathered at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Jan. 25 not to let “ideological prejudice” prevent them from engaging in “win-win cooperation” with the growing communist superpower. It’s a message the Biden administration is eager to embrace with open arms.

“This is my first full day on the job as Secretary of State,” Antony Blinken declared at a press conference two days later, on Jan 27. Blinken promptly revealed his priorities by using this initial appearance to say: “I think it’s – it’s not a secret that the relationship between the United States and China is arguably the most important relationship that we have in the world going forward.” Signaling a clear break from the Trump administration’s tough stance on China, Blinken pledged to pursue a policy of cooperation “in areas where it’s in our mutual interest to try to work together, including, manifestly, on climate.”

Compromised to the Gills

Blinken is far from the only China-friendly top-level staffer on Joe Biden’s team. In a shocking Jan. 27 article, the Washington Free Beacon reported that Kurt Campbell, an Obama administration alum tabbed to be Biden’s chief coordinator for Asia policy on the National Security Council, was until this past August a leading figure at a think tank “bankrolled by the head of a Chinese propaganda front group and partnered with a Chinese foreign mission.”

Campbell served as board vice chairman of the U.S.-China Strong Foundation, the Free Beacon reports, an organization “so heavily influenced by the CCP as to be tantamount to a front group,” intelligence analyst Anders Corr told the media outlet.

The foundation is so stridently pro-regime that it has parroted propaganda extolling the People’s Liberation Army. “Today is the 90th anniversary of the founding of China’s PLA!” an Aug. 1, 2017 tweet by the group exclaimed. Attached was a link touting “President Xi’s comments” marking the glorious celebration of the armed forces that attacked and killed U.S. soldiers in Korea in 1950.

Same Speechwriters?

Xi Jinping’s chosen words in courting foreign governments to work with China and the language employed by top Biden aides on the matter are so similar that at times they are virtually indistinguishable. Here is Xi at Davos:

“To build small circles, or start a new Cold War; to reject, threaten, or intimidate others; to willfully impose decoupling, supply disruption, or sanctions; and to create isolation or estrangement, will only push the world into division and even confrontation.”

And here is Biden National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan speaking in January 2019 at Dartmouth College:

“I don’t believe that we are destined for a new Cold War with China…. We’re not hoping for a country of 1.4 billion people to just implode the way the Soviet Union did. That would not be in our interests in the interconnected world we live in today….

You can’t build a strategy the way that we did in the Cold War viz a viz China. You have to expect it is going to be a confident, self-assured large actor on the world stage and ask yourself, ‘OK, so what are the parameters of that relationship?’ And from there, then, I think you try to build an effective pathway to get from where we are now to there.”

Sullivan has flat-out declared that the U.S. cannot seek to contain a tyrannical Chinese communist regime as it did with the Soviet Union because world economic ties are too intertwined today. Sullivan told an interviewer from the University of Minnesota in November:

“The interaction between the two great powers is different [from the Cold War with the USSR]. We have interconnections economically in terms of people-to-people ties, in terms of a history of diplomatic engagement going back to [Jimmy Carter’s] Vice President [Walter] Mondale’s leadership and before. So we need a different formula here.”

This is the exact approach Xi takes in urging supposed champions of “democracy” in the West to ignore his government’s brutal oppression of its own people, the Uighurs in Northwest China, and the freedom protesters in Hong Kong. The Cold War is outdated; think of the mutual benefit; let’s have win-win cooperation. All three of these talking points have been repeatedly emphasized by Xi and Joe Biden’s top advisers. It’s as if they are all reading off of the same script.

The Chinese communists are clearly seeking to use globalism’s financial temptations to quell any opposition to their claims to worldwide economic influence as they continue to crack down on the liberties of the unfortunate people they already hold sway over in their domains. The internationalists who make up the upper ranks of the Biden administration’s foreign policy staff have made it known that, in this effort, China will have powerful friends inside the Oval Office.


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