Georgia State Senator Michael Williams has tongues wagging in the peach state, as he is touring the State’s most dangerous sanctuary cities, in his military-taupe colored Deportation Bus.  Williams, former co-chair for the Trump campaign, is running for Governor on a strong anti-illegal platform, and DACA, Antifa, and the liberal media are one-by-one watching their own heads explode.

The Williams gubernatorial campaign recently launched their Deportation Tour. Within hours of uploading their first video, YouTube shut them down, claiming it violated their “hate speech” policy.

The bus was covered in such inflammatory verbiage as “DANGER! Murderers, rapists, kidnappers, child molesters, and other criminals on board.” And Williams mocks the sedate campaign tours as he states, “this is not your pansy bus tour.”

Oh, the horror!

But violating the United States First Amendment must be cool with the video platform, when illegal immigrants and their Snowflake followers are involved.

The actions were not accepted, however, by the Williams campaign, and within a few hours, the video was back on line with no explanation as to why now it’s hunky-dory.  It was so confusing to the leftists that Snopes had to investigate:

“In a puzzling series of actions, YouTube removed a controversial video ad by Georgia gubernatorial hopeful Michael Williams on the grounds that it violates the platform’s hate speech policy, only to restore it without explanation a few hours later.

The ad, which was uploaded to YouTube on 15 May 2018 and began running on the Fox News Channel the same day, touts the conservative GOP candidate’s anti-immigrant credentials by announcing a so-called “Deportation Bus Tour.”


Caution! Stay Back 1,000 Feet

Yes, it was that disconcerting.  The wailing from the left in Georgia was disheartening as Williams was once again promising to bus illegals back to the southern border.  The nerve of that guy.

What YouTube may have realized after hearing the low rumbling of Republican discontent is that their actions had just catapulted Williams’ fledgling campaign into the national spotlight, with full media coverage. That would not have come to fruition had the protesting illegals and their enablers not been tagged as heroic, anti-racist crusaders.  Unfortunately, the damage was done, and no amount of sneaky tom foolery with the videos is stopping Williams.

However, he will probably not overcome the odds in the Republican primary this late in the game:

“Georgia’s lieutenant governor, Casey Cagle, is expected to win the Republican Primary. He won 41% of Republican voters in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Channel 2 Action News poll.

Secretary of State Brian Kemp got 10% of voters’ support, and former state Sen. Hunter Hill had 9%, while Clay Tippins got 4%, and Williams had just 3%. Still, about one-third of Republican primary voters in Georgia remained undecided.”

Georgia State Senator Michael Williams

Although stranger things have happened of late.

Perhaps with an influx of national media and support from middle Americans who are repulsed by those in power, Williams will emerge on the front lines somewhere down the road during the Trump administration.

But can I buy your Magic Bus?

In the meantime, the campaign who touts Dogg, The Bounty Hunter, as their manager is on a roll in Georgia.  And methinks the brash and outspoken Michael Williams is just getting started; and if not, I hear that Sheriff Joe is eyeing to purchase his own Deportation bus – if it ever comes up for sale.   Stay tuned, Patriots.


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