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The Imaginary Tale of the Insurrection Apocalypse

Be afraid, very afraid of ... nothing.

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Articles, Politics

Historically associated with power and influence, Washington, D.C. has become a national hub of fear. Barbed-wire fences and National Guardsmen line the streets of the U.S. capital city even though an inaugural insurrection fizzled. Now the much-anticipated plot of murder and mayhem on March 4 by an “unnamed” but “identified” militia has evaporated into thin air as well.

Where, oh, where have all the rebels gone?

Militia Madness

Ever since the January 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol, a heightened anxiety level has been palpable in the District of Columbia. However, the facts of that event – which have been ever-so-slowly seeping out – are worthy of examination amid all this fearmongering. Liberty Nation’s Pennel Bird has done a little homework and accessed the charging documents regarding the Capitol breach. Bird found “310 arrests, by my count, of which exactly five listed possession of a firearm. There was no mention of brandishing or discharging – just possession. There’s your ‘armed insurrection.'”

This is not to make excuses or say it was all fun and games on January 6, but facts are facts. Robert Knight of The Washington Times pointed out:

“Reality: The rioters had no firearms or even knives. Two of the five died from a stroke and heart attack. The officer, Brian Sicknick, was not hit by a fire extinguisher, did not die from ‘blunt trauma,’ and his death the next day was from ‘unknown causes,’ as The New York Times eventually admitted.”

Herein lies the problem: When facts are twisted into false narratives, who knows what to believe? Thus, law enforcement takes a cover-your-derriere stance, and Congress runs for cover. So, when the United States Capitol Police put out a March press release claiming they had intelligence that a militia group had plans to breach the U.S. Capitol building, brave legislators halted their lawmaking activities and holed up in their homes. They were even urged to “use the underground tunnels” if it became necessary to traverse the Capitol Hill complex.

These unidentified intelligence reports of “possible threats” were weaponized to ratchet up the fear in the nation’s capital. Never mind that intelligence sources are not always accurate. Remember all those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? What WMD? Exactly.

Scaring the bejesus out of folks living in D.C. carries no real downside for authorities. No insurrection and they can claim that it was because of their meticulous preparation that caused these militiamen to stand down. So, what is the harm?

Anxiety Derangement Syndrome

Psychologists maintain that living in a continual state of fear causes generalized anxiety, and those with this disorder have a disproportional tendency to want to control everything. As well, they become increasingly neurotic, with an excessive need to dominate and oppress others. Ultimately, psychologists say that a person filled with unwarranted apprehension turns into an obsessive-compulsive with a desire to rule over everyone else because they see it as the only way to protect themselves.

Sound familiar?

The human brain has an extraordinary ability to adapt. A mind that has been rewired is most often achieved through repeated exposure to false information or propaganda. Those on the left wholeheartedly believe that the only way to assuage their anxiety is by controlling every possible situation – which is an irrational, abnormal behavior.

Since actions are fueled by beliefs, there is a powerful need for leftists to protect themselves from illusory militias because they imagine an insurrectionist Armageddon around every corner. Such as it is, this is likely the leading edge of many mythological battles that will play out in the minds of this frightened class, which unfortunately has control over the presidential and legislative branches of the U.S. government.

And so, journalists in the activist media are scratching their poorly rewired heads this morning. The much-anticipated secondary insurrection they were convinced was real, turned out to be nothing more than a mirage.


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