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The Faces of Brexit

by | Jun 23, 2018 | Politics

The battle for Brexit was between two sides. In any normal warfare scenario there are often distinguishable foes who can be named and recognized; not so with the U.K.’s efforts to leave the European Union. The Remain side had power, influence, and money, but who was wielding it? Where did the coordination come from? And most importantly, whose interests were being represented?

The bureaucrats of globalization have attempted to control the lives and destinies of over 60 million British citizens, yet few on the Remain side could even name who was behind the campaign to keep Britain shackled to a project that controls their nation’s laws, freedoms, immigration policy, and taxes. It is time for all figures of the Brexit revolution to be named and shamed – or applauded.

The Remain Camp

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, is essentially the head man of the EU. Far from being a grand statesman, Juncker has made it quite clear that Britain will “be made an example of” in order to dissuade other nations from “daring” to leave the bloc. Of countries that were thinking about leaving, he said:

“They will all see from U.K.’s example that leaving the EU is a bad idea, on the contrary, the remaining member states will fall in love with each other again and renew their vows with the European Union.”

Unknown Allegiance

British Prime Minister Theresa May is the public face of the Brexit negotiations. She stood before the world and declared that “Brexit means Brexit,” thus securing herself the top job and the mantle of control. Yet she has never been what Brits refer to as a Brexiteer. She campaigned for Britain to remain in the EU and, to date, has not made a positive case for Britain to leave.

The people of Britain are growing increasingly frustrated with Mrs. May’s poor negotiating skills (hardly Trumpian), her frequent concessions to Brussels, and her inability to unite her ruling party. Many fear that she is working towards BRINO (Brexit In Name Only).

The Chief Brexiteer

The man behind Brexit, Mr. Brexit himself, is none other than Nigel Farage; a man who spent 20 years biting at the heels of government. He brought a non-establishment party to within striking distance of power and forced the government of the day to offer the people a referendum.

Farage is the public face of Brexit, and although he is as much despised as adored, he made the arguments for leaving the union that mainstream politicians are now using. Perhaps his greatest victory was in shifting the Overton Window: the range of ideas tolerated in public discourse.

If it were not for Nigel Farage, the average Brit would still be too afraid to criticize mass-immigration, a totalitarian EU, and most of all, the concept that the British people “do not deserve a sovereign nation.”

Faces of the Future

As with any political movement, it is eventually taken over by younger faces; this is true of Brexit, too. While establishment politicians blasted the older generation for voting to leave in large numbers, it is now the youth that is rallying to battle.

YouTubers, journalists, and budding activists are taking up the mantle of Brexit. Is this because their minds have been changed about the purpose and use of the European Union? Or is it something more? Brexit is about freedom and individuality. Brexit is the new punk and Brexiteers are the new rebels.

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