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St. Joe and His Sycophants

At some point, journalists will start throwing their underwear at Biden during press briefings.

by | May 27, 2021 | Articles, Satire

A sycophant, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is a servile, self-seeking flatterer. What better word describes the legacy media in today’s America? Well, perhaps there are other words one could use but, since Liberty Nation does not print profanity, they shall not be spelled out here. The dictionary provides some synonyms for the word “sycophant.” They include apple-polisher – which is just wonderful – bootlicker, brownnoser, fawner, flunky, lickspittle, suck up, and toady. Yes. All of those. All of those words apply.

Quite a few left-wing commentators and so-called journalists have honed their apple-polishing skill to a fine art. Exhibit A: a recent puff piece that appeared in a famous Washington newspaper that uses a slogan which may or may not be racist – depending upon how woke one is or how one chooses to read between the lines.

The article in question was titled “Weightlifting, Gatorade, birthday calls: Inside Biden’s day.” Reading it conjures images of a shirtless Vladimir Putin on horseback – only that Putin’s day, apparently, is more Judo, hunting tigers, and military parades.

Dear Leader

There is an uneasy feeling, though, to reading the article. It reminds one of the mandatory adoration heaped by state-owned media upon communist and fascist dictators throughout history. Call it the “Dear Leader” syndrome. Murderous authoritarians such as Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and the late Kim Jong-il of North Korea – and also his successor son – have been idolized in much the same manner.

That is not to say that Joe Biden can be fairly compared to any of these brutes, any more than it was fair to compare former President Donald Trump to Hitler – which the establishment media did on countless occasions. But, certainly, the newspaper responsible for printing this vapid and eye-wateringly sappy Biden piece could be, to an extent, compared to those state-run media outlets that existed not to inform the people, but to distribute regime propaganda.

Dear Lord!

Essentially, Mr. Biden is portrayed as a thoughtful and concerned leader who listens intently to his advisors, loves to meet his adoring public, and would not hesitate to call a family member to find out if they enjoyed breakfast before punching in the nuclear launch codes to kick off World War III. He is a true man of the people with a streak of tough guy; think Mr. Smith going to Washington and becoming The Terminator with a heart of gold. Think Batman, but always ready to spend time with a small child on his lap. On second thought, do not think about that last part.

The current tenant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue loves cookies and orange Gatorade, we are told. Every American will sleep better at night knowing this. Hurrah for investigative journalism. He is also – somewhat curiously – portrayed as a guy who doesn’t much care for inside-the-Beltway politics: “[A] tactile politician eager to escape the Washington bubble …” Perhaps the writer missed the part where Biden spent 36 years in the U.S. Senate and eight years as vice president. Joe is the ultimate Washington insider. In fact, if he were a portly man, his nickname would be the Washington bubble. Biden is as inside-the-Beltway as the White House itself.

According to the article in question, Mr. Biden carries his own briefcase as he walks each morning from the White House residence to the Oval Office. Marvelous. So few men carry their own briefcases, these days. He must be a real blue-collar guy – well, white-collar, perhaps, since he has a briefcase. But he does also carry his lunch around with him, so blue-collar it is, maybe.

He “regularly checks in with Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.” What does that even mean? The president “checks in” with his most senior subordinate military commander? That might be a comfort to many, but it could also mean that Biden is “checking” to see whether the U.S. still has an army. Perhaps the commander in chief checks in to ensure that Gen. Milley has not misplaced the Pacific Fleet. Maybe he checks in just to remind himself who’s commanding the troops.

Deer Meat?

Also, once a week, Mr. Biden has lunch with his number two, Kamala Harris. It is a wonder that the latter has time for lunch, what with all those press briefings to keep the American people updated on that border situation she is handling so well. Still, the idea of Biden and Harris eating together brings to mind Benjamin Frankling’s observation that “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what they are going to have for lunch.” In this case, of course, there is one wolf and a lamb – and Biden ain’t no wolf.

The article also mentions one Mike Donilon, a long-time Biden confidante and advisor. Mr. Donilon, the writer tells us, “is seen by the others as [Biden’s] conscience, alter ego and shared brain.” That Biden apparently is sharing a brain with someone else explains quite a few things that have been vexing political observers for some time.

And so, what can be taken away from this literary masterpiece that tries, with such hair-raising desperation, to paint a flattering portrait of Joe Biden, reported leader of the free world? Well, for a start, take this writer away; take her very, very far away. Secondly, that the left-wing media has virtually no interest in reporting anything that might tarnish the almost God-like portraits they paint of their preferred politicians. Thirdly, that – well, as previously stated, Liberty Nation does not publish profanity, so best leave it there.


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