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Spicer Can’t Dance – But His Fans Don’t Care

ABC thought they could make a mockery of Sean Spicer on Dancing with the Stars. They thought wrong.

The liberal bubble – the one in which everyone agrees with the progressives and Hollywood elite – is about to burst one more time in the era of Trump.  You understand, it was meant to dispel the frivolous notion of President Trump’s popularity and grab headlines and ratings.  The decision by American Broadcasting Company (ABC) to add his former White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, to the roster of the reality television ratings juggernaut, Dancing With The Stars, was a questionable move by the network bent on becoming the moral enforcer of the airwaves.

In past years, other conservative politicians and politicos have been on the show for similar mocking purposes: Tucker Carlson, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, and former Texas Governor Rick Perry.  ABC has a wicked way of getting their kicks.

But back to Spicer and the nuclear fallout.

Caroline Famke of Variety lost her mind and wrote a scathing piece slamming, not Spicer, but ABC for including the man for a “cynical ratings grab.” And genial co-host Tom Bergeron was nearly apoplectic after the big bosses dissed his advice:

“I offered suggestions for season 28. Chief among them was my hope that ‘DWTS,’ in its return following an unprecedented year-long hiatus, would be a joyful respite from our exhausting political climate and free of inevitably divisive bookings from ANY party affiliations.”

Apparently, ABC could not resist a bite from the poisoned apple.  And what has it gotten them?  Yeah, poisoned and rasping an eerie death knell.

Unintended Consequences? Let Us Count the Ways

Sean Spicer – Dancing with the Stars

The 29th Season features the regular types – athletes, actors, and other ABC reality tv stars most notoriously from the Bachelorette.  Most have some sort of, well, rhythm, but now and again they cast a Spicer to perhaps embarrass and make fun of the middle American yokels that enjoy this kind of entertainment (yes, they over exaggerate rural folks, who must be clad in overalls sporting a half a set of teeth).  But it’s all in good fun, and flyover folks are loyal to the show.

Some critics surmise it was an attempt to show how unpopular Spicer’s former boss is heading into another sure to be raucous election season.

But pump the brakes, ABC. Now on its sixth episode, the absolute worst dancer in recent history is winning the popular vote and staying in the game while better performers are exiting in tears.  Sean Spicer cannot dance a lick – but boy howdy does he have a lot of fans.  Enough so to keep him on his twinkle toes and sporting ridiculous costumes for the time being.

And the guy is a good sport in taking the nasty comments in stride – handed out by a panel of judges – who have changed the rules this season to make an end-run around the popular vote. In effect, they have created an electoral college of their own.  And we have the second worst dancer in the history of the show, syndicated country music radio host Bobby Bones, to thank.

Bobby Bones

In season 28, Bones’ rabid country fan base – you know, those flyover folks who live in red counties – propelled the guy all the way to the winner’s circle and coveted mirror ball trophy.  Elitists in the entertainment industry were at once apoplectic – hence the new rules.  Now, those fateful couples who land in the bottom two in popular votes and judges scores can be saved to dance another jig.

Spicer has yet to be in the bottom two, but would surely be eliminated even if the other couple failed to appear – such is the hatred for his former boss. For his part in the charade, Spicer has been a hard-working, kind, genial, and gracious contestant that the other “stars” have grown to like and respect.

As he responded to Tom Bergeron’s veiled disgust, he joined the cast in hoping to “move the country forward in a positive way,” which translates to: “I’m not the devil.”

Spicer may not get to accept the silly mirror ball – but then again, he might prove us all wrong and bust that overinflated bubble the radical left attempts to sell to unsuspecting Americans.  If Spicer is any indication, they aren’t buying.


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