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Shots Fired: Cartel Soldiers a Growing Threat to Border States

People coming across the border is one thing – bullets coming across is quite another.

The southern border between the United States and Mexico is dangerously under-patrolled and arguably presents the most imminent threat to homeland security. Not only are there hundreds of miles of no barrier whatsoever to stop human smuggling, drug trafficking, and terrorist entry into the lower-48, but the current administration is seemingly oblivious to this disaster. The Texas National Guard, on hand to assist an exhausted Border Patrol, was fired upon in Roma, TX, by heavily armed men patrolling across the international boundary inside Mexico.

Perhaps Mr. Biden is still dithering about equestrian split reins and how to punish his own troops for doing their jobs.

New Banner Border CrisisFortunately, no injuries were reported, and Texas Rangers are investigating. The shooters are thought to be members of a drug cartel, but no one knows or will divulge which one. This incident comes after several other taunting and threatening situations in Texas.

Inconceivable Incompetence

The Texas National Guard soldiers were in the border town of Roma that sits on the Rio Grande – the natural border between the state and the Ciudad Miguel Alemán in Tamaulipas, Mexico. At one time, a contained port of entry for migrant workers and those wanting to become American citizens.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the soldiers were in Roma when two shots were fired from across the border. The gunmen have been witnessed firing tracer rounds – a type of ammunition with a pyrotechnic charge that illuminate a bullet’s path – and wearing full tactical gear, brandishing military-grade weapons. But these men are not associated with any Mexican military or government agency.

(Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Border Patrol has also described other incidences of threatening behavior on the Rio Grande. Earlier in October, Department of Public Safety spokesman Lt. Christopher Olivarez informed reporters, “These are assault rifles, OK, AK-47s. They’ll stand in the middle of the river, and then they’re brandishing their weapons and taunting the National Guard, who’s across on the U.S. side.” He warned troops will use lethal response “if they make a threat towards National Guard or if they raise that weapon.”

In Two Short Years

It wasn’t that long ago that the U.S.-Mexico border was close to being under control. Donald Trump swept into office on the promise to build a “Big, beautiful wall” and help get illegal immigration, with all its intended and unintended consequences, under control. Trump began to overhaul immigration legislation and programs. One controversial program the former president was targeting was family-based immigration. Another; catch and release of illegals.

The Biden administration not only ignores the crisis at the border and the consequences American citizens face daily but seems to vilify Americans trying to keep the peace while shrugging his shoulders at the ensuing threat to homeland security.

As Liberty Nation’s chief political correspondent, Graham J. Noble, surmises:

“It is hard to dispute that the Biden administration simply does not care how many people cross the border, where they come from, whether they have COVID, whether they have been vaccinated, how long they intend to remain in the U.S. or what they plan to do. It is also tough to dismiss the idea that Biden really does not give a damn whether Americans like it or not.”

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been absent from the national security threat they created. And it may not end when the dust finally settles down south.

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