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Shocker: RNC Speakers Don’t Meet Dem Identity Requirements

The left goes nuclear over Trump family participation in the Republican National Convention.

Another day, another leftist meltdown – this time, regarding the number of Trump relatives speaking at the Republican National Convention. It seems the GOP is remiss in its diversity quota. Too many Trump family members and not enough of those who fit into a neatly constructed “other” column seems to be the Democratic narrative as the convention kicks off tonight.

So, what are the facts?

In addition to Vice President Mike Pence, those who will take the podium include South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott (R) and Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst (R). House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley, are also on deck. The parents of deceased humanitarian aid worker Kayla Mueller will speak, as will Alice Johnson, whose drugs sentence was commuted by President Trump.

Nick Sandmann, made famous by the establishment media’s Covington Catholic High School debacle, will address the convention, as will Mark and Patricia McCloskey, a couple facing class E felony charges for brandishing guns at a mob outside their home in St. Louis. Then there is South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, trade advisor Larry Kudlow, senior advisor Kellyanne Conway, and Trump defense attorney Rudy Giuliani.

The Mob Goes After Tiffany

So, what is the basis for the leftist rage on Twitter? Apparently, the Democrats aren’t happy with the number of Trump family members speaking. This list includes Donald Trump, Jr., first lady Melania, daughter Ivanka, son Eric, and daughter Tiffany. That last family member – Tiffany – is a particular object of scorn.

California House candidate Phil Arballo couldn’t resist giving the youngest Trump daughter a smackdown: “Imagine being Devin Nunes and spending four years doing everything in your power to protect Trump and then having Tiffany Trump beat you out for a key speaker spot at the RNC.” Another tweet read, “The Republican Party is gone. It’s been replaced by the Trump Party. Even Tiffany outranks Mitch McConnell.” Then there was this tweet: “This isn’t the RNC, it’s a Trump family reunion. They even found Tiffany.” Someone with the Twitter handle “The Volatile Mermaid” issued a left hook to the young lady: “Tiffany Trump speaking at the RNC is like someone on a lifeboat climbing back onto the Titanic.”

An article by author Prarthna Sarkar at MEA WorldWide snagged yet another Tiffany basher: “… of the 12 speakers, six of the members are from the Trump clan if Trump Sr is taken into consideration. If you count him, it’s actually 6! 50% of the speakers are Trumps. And the fact that he’s letting Tiffany out of the dungeon just shows he’s desperate.”

Why Tiffany Trump has become the left’s whipping boy (or girl, in this case) is anyone’s guess. Perhaps there is a need to beat up on the young and innocent? And why the double standard? During the DNC last week, there were Bidens galore taking the stage – including a tear-jerker from his deceased son Beau.

Race Card is All That Matters

Who cares about the content of the character when you can focus on the color of the skin? This tweet is exhibit A in what matters most to Democrats:

If ticking off the race of individual speakers is all the left has got, ’tis a sad tale, indeed. In an era when America is facing some of its most challenging times, chortling about someone’s race is particularly shallow. If this is the leading narrative in the opposition’s bag of tricks on the eve of the Republican National Convention, then the party very well could be over.


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