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Shocker: Progressive Women Angry and Obsessed Over Republican Gals

Another media beatdown on GOP women exposes a longstanding animus.

In the inimitable words of former President Ronald Reagan, “There you go again.” This simple phrase, which set President Jimmy Carter back on his heels during the final debate of the 1980 election, applies to the latest beat down progressive women doled out to their Republican counterparts. This time, the rancor oozes out of a provocative article that is filled with old tropes and criticism of ladies who refuse to toe the Democratic line and have the audacity to vote for – gasp – Donald Trump.

The latest assault against Republican women appeared in the New York Intelligencer this week. However, this is hardly the first time the ladies of progress have put it to conservatives of the same sex. It’s actually one in a long line of articles trashing conservative women.

Progressive Women – Angry and Obsessed

According to the Intelligencer, “… the public performance of Republican womanhood has become fractured, frenzied, and far less coherent than ever.” The litany of issues women on the left have with their counterparts on the political right are many: “… Republicans remain cruelly closed to the realities of gender fluidity and trans existence.” These women who “slavishly” follow Donald Trump, are crude, rude, and altogether unladylike. Then, they pitch out the following query: “To whom is their devotion chiefly addressed: country, husband, God, or Trump?”

How about none of the above.

In poll after poll, female voters have openly shared their chief concerns: the economy, personal safety (crime) and national security. Their allegiance is to their families. They care about whether their kids will be able to grow up in safe environments surrounded by a wholesome cultural milieu.

Women on the right aren’t transphobic; they just want their daughters to be able to go into the school lavatory without being accosted by a trans classmate. They want their girls to compete in sporting events without going up against members of the opposite sex. And last but certainly not least, they want to be able to afford a pound of bacon, make their mortgage payment on time and have a little left over to take a family vacation. How are these practical concerns “fractured, frenzied, and far less coherent than ever”?

Since the last presidential election, women have been working to provide for their families, buying firearms in record numbers, and trying to stretch the almighty dollar to make ends meet. They care about issues and tend to be less caught up in the verbal food fight between candidates. When COVID hit, they bought firearms and learned how to shoot them by signing up for a record number of training classes. According to a Harvard study (yes, Harvard), “women accounted for about half of all gun purchases between 2019 and 2021 …” This coincides with their concerns about crime and safety.

Meanwhile, progressive women have been hammering away at Republican women. In 2018, a Vogue article railed against the female conservative. As Liberty Nation News reported, “Vogue as much as called these truculent Republican anomalies traitors to their gender as well as “emotional and irrational.” But they saved a special ire for white women voters, whom they called “maddeningly, confusingly . . . unsisterly.”

Labeling Republican women as contradictory, irrational, frenzied, and incoherent by the left carries a distinct ring of insecurity – with perhaps a dash of jealousy thrown in for good measure. It should be possible to disagree on politics without such animosity toward members of your own gender. That the left is so undone by independent, free-spirited women who aren’t afraid to take up arms when they feel threatened, stand up for their daughters, address pocketbook issues, and vote for whoever they damn well please, says a lot more about them than their conservative counterparts.

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