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Sanctuary States for the U.S. Constitution?

Maybe there is a way to stop fascism from taking over America.

by | Mar 29, 2021 | Articles, Good Reads, Politics

Conservatives love their guns – partly because many always expected the tyrannical takeover to come in a head-on battle. However, they are not prepared for a snail-paced sneak attack from behind. As tyranny comes to America, it does so through the gradual erosion of liberties, which so few ever notice until it’s too late. Guns will not stop this onslaught, but could new sanctuary states for the U.S. Constitution stave off the decline?

Fascism from Behind

During World War II, Singapore was still a British colony. With reports of Japanese aggression, the Brits fortified the island with cannons, expecting the attack to come by sea from the Malacca Strait. Japan knew this and went through the jungle on bicycles and initiated a sneak attack from behind.

The event is dripping with symbolism. All the guns in the world didn’t stop the onslaught of fascism because it came from behind on environmentally friendly bikes.

Americans can learn a great deal from how Japan captured Singapore. The Second Amendment is excellent for handling overt tyranny. Still, it is not well-suited for a gradual erosion of liberty disguised as caring for the poor, fighting racism, saving the earth from global warming, 15 days to slow the spread, and masking to save grandma.

California Secession

When Southern Democrats seceded from the Union in 1861 to defend slavery, they did so openly. It did not end well for them. The Republicans, under the leadership of President Abraham Lincoln, defeated them in a bloody civil war.

[android-app align=”left”] However, since then, the Democrats have learned from their mistakes. Secession must be done gradually and passive-aggressively under the disguise of some other banner. Today, California is the primary secession state in the U.S. It has for decades blatantly disregarded the Constitution and refused to obey federal law.

One such obvious case is the notion of a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants. By calling them “undocumented” and ignoring federal law, California has effectively seceded from the Union – at least on this issue – cloaked under the disguise of humanitarianism.

The keyword here is “effectively” because no official declaration has been made, and no fanfares have been blown. It just “happened” passive-aggressively through non-enforcement. Therefore, California has been able to get away with it.

Sanctuary States

Those who love liberty can learn from this passive-aggressive method, and many already have. Did you, for instance, know that 1188 (a little over 37%) of all counties in America have declared themselves Sanctuary Counties for the Second Amendment?

But why stop there? Why not go all the way and declare a county or state a sanctuary for the entire U.S. Constitution? As Lincoln said in his Gettysburg Address, the government is supposed to be of the people, by the people, for the people. Good governance starts at the local level and emanates upward.

Unlike secession efforts like Texit, such a grassroots movement gains the moral high ground by declaring that it is the tyrants of Washington D.C. that have seceded from the Union, not the other way around.

The sanctuary states might even form a national coalition to protect against fascists who try to force them to disobey the U.S. Constitution. No matter what the swamp creatures do, it will look bad. If they send in troops, they will remove their cloaks and reveal themselves as fascists. If they try more subtle tactics, they must explain why they target states for following the law.

95% Free America

Although more than 80% of the population live in the cities, rural counties make up around 95% of America’s geographic area, most of which are Constitution friendly. Therefore, one realistic option for saving liberty is to render as many of them Constitution Sanctuary Counties as possible – and the same goes for the states. Liberty starts locally.


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