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The hysteria over an Oprah Winfrey presidential run was quickly put to rest after the media mogul decided that her Weight Watchers contract on top of billionaire status was enough to keep her in the news without a political bid.

Although the overly sensitive Democrats were crushed under the weight of Winfrey’s indifference, a new rumor has prompted a spark of visible hope in their sad faces; Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), together in 2020 to combat Trump’s unending successes.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

How in tarnation are two old curmudgeons the new face of Progressive Democrats?  What happened to “handsy” Uncle Joe Biden?  Or that handsome Kennedy (D-MA) fellow that made his national debut as the rebuttal speaker to Trump’s first State of the Union address?  Granted, he breezed through his time yammering about immigration without refuting much, if anything, the president said, and it appears most of the audience only remember the drool–well if social media is any indication.

But an old socialist who rails at the wealthy and has joined the ranks of the evil 1% and a woman who stepped on the backs of Native Americans to land a cushy Harvard gig is the hope for America’s future?  How did Progressives come to this conclusion?

Granted, Bernie Sanders is a grassroots God and after being cheated out of the Democratic nomination in 2016, he could pull impressive numbers from Socialists and those who want to live off other American’s hard work and prosperity.  There are still bitter “Berners” out there waiting for an opportune moment to pounce.

And then we have Elizabeth Warren, a self-proclaimed descendant of the Cherokee Nation, who applied for a position at Harvard under Native American status; boosting her to the top of prospective hires.  Unfortunately for Warren, our friends of the Cherokee Nation have done a deep dive into tribe genealogy and, low and behold, they won’t claim Fauxcahontas.  Perhaps before social media and easy access to the internet, Warren may have stood a chance on the national stage.  Fortunately for America, her time has passed.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Polls

Think back to the months leading up to Hillary’s coronation by the Democratic Party; almost every poll had Sanders beating Trump by 10%.  Of course, on the other hand, the media reported Mrs. Clinton was ahead by 99.9% or some such nonsense, so who really knows how those pulse checks work or didn’t work in 2016. 

If you want to delve further into 2016 polling, here is a comprehensive summary that will have you scratching your head that Hillary made it to the big stage.  The point is, Bernie was a contender; and the wily Democrats may want to capitalize on his affable attitude and his massive email list—which he has not agreed to share.  What kind of socialist doesn’t share their spoils?

A Progressive Populist Ticket?

Does Independent Bernie have the persuasive pull with the Democratic Party to take his rightful place on the presidential ticket?  He could make trouble for Party operatives if he was so inclined.  And as for Warren; no one has asked her to the dance, as of yet, but her name is out there and being bandied about in different combinations and churning through the rumor mill.

A Sanders/Warren ticket would be a disappointment for the Progressives; Bernie and Lizzie aren’t the fresh faces of the future by anyone’s standards.  But I’m almost positive that Trump likes the idea.



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