The shocking (at least to the leftists) rise of the political outsider, Donald J. Trump, who singlehandedly dismantled the ‘tit for tat’ cronyism of the Republican Party, and drove a Sherman tank across the pantsuit of Hillary Clinton, has brought about a new word for hire profession:  protesting with pay (no word whether they carry health benefits.)

Who could possibly be behind such a thing? Perhaps George Soros?  Of course! But you can bet your sweet bippy, billionaire Bolshevik, George is not the only man behind the curtain pulling the strings in the Land of Oz.

Not that we falsely accuse Soros of the heinous hoax on America through manipulating the news coverage of anti-Trump protests.  We already know about the funneling of $33 million dollars to activist groups (thug producers creating fear and chaos) to keep Ferguson ablaze and the April 15 rally by the lefty whiners demanding Trump release his tax returns.  He’s old news, Soros, that is, and the adage, ‘better the devil you know,’ is appropriate when applied to the billionaire capitalist-extraordinaire octogenarian.

No, my dear friends, there are neoteric devils walking serenely among us, wreaking havoc in the Republic without a challenge–and critical attention is required.  Let me introduce you to the Millionaire Mensheviks.  (If you need a history lesson on the Social Democratic Worker’s Party in Russia, you can find an abridged version here):

Since the beginning of the year, an increasing number of companies have unveiled policies that allow employees to take paid time off work for political or civic activities, such as protesting, canvassing, voting, volunteering or even running for office.

Big corporations like Comcast and outdoor-apparel maker Patagonia have been offering social-justice benefits to their employees for years. But several executives said the election of President Trump, and the backlash that followed, turned them on to the idea of giving their employees time off to express themselves politically.

Aw, how civic minded.  And, frankly unfair to those with opposing political views.

These are progressives (just plain old libs with a shiny and misleading label), doing what liberals do best, giving out awards for just showing up.

Tech companies, and now several San Francisco Bay businesses are leading the protest for profit movement—by adding paid leave days, above and beyond vacation or civic duty, as a company benefits.  (Guess I spoke too soon!) One marketing firm, Traction, trumpeted: (yes, I meant to write that)

“Democracy is a participatory institution; it’s not just something that takes place every four years when you have a candidate in a race,” said Adam Kleinberg, CEO of San Francisco marketing firm Traction, which is allowing employees two paid “Days of Action” for civic engagement per year. The company’s policy includes a list of approved activities and requires employees to state their plans in advance.

If you glossed over that quote, go back and read the last sentence.  Can you imagine the reaction if John, the conservative accounting nerd, requested a paid day to rally for Blue Lives Matter?  I can, and in my scenario, John receives an unlimited amount of unpaid leave for his troubles.  Now, Sunshine, the Feelings Coordinator of said company (there must be a feelings department), can decorate Fido’s dog bed to resemble various female reproductive parts, parade around town taunting Trump voters, and appear on CNN. Her parents must be incredibly proud.  Heck, she may even get three days for her ingenuity and recycling efforts.  It’s amazing to witness such blatant discrimination by the left, and have them respond to critics with Madison Avenue soundbites of “white privilege” and “racist,” those catchall terms for conservatives.

What if we fight back?  For every paid protester who damages property, litters the environment, or disrupts the flow of business—instead of punishing the individual, why not tackle the company, holding the business accountable?  One hefty class action lawsuit might nip this ridiculous movement in the bud.   What’s a business to do when faced with the dilemma of paid days off to throw tantrums.  Thank goodness there’s someone out there keeping the snowflakes employed.

Please wake up, my fellow patriots, the kinder, gentler and inclusive people, who believe in liberty and justice for all (even though they will not recite the pledge), are attempting to shred our Constitution, unashamedly, through manipulation and chicanery.  The Liberal blueprint for world supremacy is as simple as recently proven, unsuccessful: lie, then deny, deny again, and keep denying until it becomes prudent to claim victimhood when crimes, malfeasance and unethical practices are exposed.  If that doesn’t do the job, bully, threaten and force the exodus of all those you deem deplorable.

Heed the warnings, America; there is a pestilence bubbling up on the face of our Republic.  Let’s not wait for locusts or red tides before we eradicate the disease.

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