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Portland in Chaos as Antifa Takes Over

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Articles, Politics

Portland, Oregon’s Democrat mayor, Ted Wheeler, is about as neo-communist as one might expect to find anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.  And he has embarked on a very dangerous game of war with his fellow Portlanders as the homegrown terrorist group Antifa is now controlling the city streets with fear and violence.

The latest in Antifa mayhem occurred in protest of the death of Patrick Kimmons, a black Portland man shot by police – after he allegedly shot two people and approached officers wielding a firearm.

The self-described progressive, Wheeler, allows Antifa to overrun his streets without any effort to regain peace.  And this isn’t the first time he has allowed anarchy in the city, aimed at anyone who angers the basement dwellers.

Anarchy Rules

What transpired last weekend in downtown Portland is indicative of spoiled progressives, having grown accustomed to participation trophies, throwing a dangerous tantrum.  And leading the charge, faces masked, was the Rose City chapter of Antifa, who took to the streets to teach the Police Department and Mayor Wheeler that they were in control and delivering retribution – not justice – for the unfortunate death of Kimmons.

Unfortunate, yes – but inevitable if he had just shot two people and threatened the police with a gun.  And just like all criminals killed in the act of committing such an atrocity for fun or profit, he was probably turning his life around and loved his God and his Momma.  Don’t they all?

One of Kimmons’ relations at the event spoke to the crowd:

“We’re not here to riot. We’re here for justice. We need to fight this all the way to the end. These cops need to be locked up.”

A small group of protesters marched to the downtown Justice Center to speak their piece and demand police accountability in the shooting.  And it probably is a good idea to determine exactly, for all involved, just how the events went down last month.  After all, the police fired off 10-12 rounds, and Kimmons lost his life. It is important to know exactly why.

But peaceful protest did not last.

As is the Antifa trademark, violence and hatred was yet to come.

The mini-mob, consisting of approximately 100 alt-left looney toons, returned to the gathering point at Southwest 4th Avenue and Harvey Milk Street, chanting obscenities through bullhorns, attempting to incite a violent event.  It fell somewhat flat until they disbanded the rhetoric and commenced to doing what thugs and terrorists do best: Disrupt the lives of innocent victims.

Spreading their ridiculous brand of remonstration, they swept into the streets and began to forcefully redirect traffic from the impromptu riot spot.

Throat Punch, Anyone?

As is the norm with progressives, patience does not abound. When the good people of Portland would not follow instructions, the kids threw a tantrum.

One protester – who, despite what his words might lead you to believe, is white – said to a driver from South Carolina, “Yeah brother, yeah you little white little f***er. The First Amendment. Get the f*** down the road. White supremacist.” You can view the footage here, but be advised of very strong language.

These Antifa folks sorely need a primer on the Constitution.

And they need to stop harassing older Americans.  An old man, who made the decision to do as he pleased rather than what he was told, was chased down the street by Antifa thugs, who threw Sticks and stones at his vehicle.

And it would be embarrassingly ridiculous had people not been in danger.  But they were, and police presence was minimal to non-existent – and a block or more away from the rioters diverting traffic and scaring old people.

Seriously Portland?

The city once lauded for the catchphrase “keep Portland weird” has now entered The Twilight Zone and their new moniker should be “Playground of Antifa.”  The area is home to artists, over 100 wineries, countless microbreweries, and a whole bunch of progressives – why would they protest and destroy their own city?  Jeez, have a glass of Pinot Noir already.

It makes little sense to burn your own town to the ground to protest what appears to be a justified shooting. But that’s the times we live in, my friends.

As for Wheeler, he’s about as involved in righting the course of his city as any namby-pamby seat warmer – hoping to make straws illegal before his next election – might be. Is he looking for a long-career in governance, or just biding time and collecting a paycheck?

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