“He has made my skin and my flesh grow old and has broken my bones. He has besieged me and surrounded me with bitterness and hardship.”

Lamentations 3:4-5

Poor George. Many are the lamentations of the leftists these days, and George Soros appears to be its weeping prophet. The dejected billionaire has publicly mourned the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the pages of The Washington Post, and sympathy cards from his pals on the left are likely pouring into his humble hotel suite situated on Lake Zurich.

Can’t you just hear the gnashing of teeth?

Admitting, “I must have been living in my own bubble,” (Ya think?) the 87-year-old political activist sounded rather unhinged in the interview he gave to the Post. To wit, he declared that President Trump, “is willing to destroy the world.” Indeed, the Hungarian investor sounded positively paranoid. Or maybe he’s just been struck senseless after throwing good money after bad into Hillary-the-Loser’s campaign.

Bemoaning that, “Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong,” Soros seems particularly disturbed by the fact that the trend toward nationalism is a direct affront to his love for globalism. Italian author Leo Zagami confirmed this on Infowars. Following a Soros speech in Italy, Zagami remarked that the billionaire, “said some very heavy things – some very heavy accusations – especially about Donald J. Trump. He said that Trump is basically a threat to the economy. He [Trump] doesn’t understand the basic elements of [the] economy.” Zagami went on to ask, “How is this possible he makes these statements when he was a supporter of Obama who made a disaster of the U.S. economy?”

Doubling Down

One would think that Poor George might recognize the catastrophic and altogether humiliating repudiation of his “liberal” political views. But he appears to be doubling down: “The bigger the danger, the bigger the threat, the more I feel engaged to confront it.” If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then it’s time for him to strap on the straitjacket, switch places with Jack Nicholson and have a come-to-Jesus with Nurse Ratched.

Nevertheless, as the Post astutely points out, “For all the billions of dollars at his disposal, Soros is also being forced to reckon with limits on his political influence in the United States.” Despite sinking $15M in U.S. elections this year, Mr. Soros has very little to show for his money. In California – where you’d think he wouldn’t have too much of a hard time – he tried and failed to turn the criminal justice left by attempting to get a number of district attorneys elected. Ultimately the tycoon had to admit, “We ran into a brick wall in California.”

As well, other nations have cleaned Mr. Soros’ clock this year — including his country of birth, Hungary. Prime Minister Viktor Orban exposed the Soros agenda to bring more Muslim immigrants to Europe. This didn’t go over too well with the Hungarian people, and Orban was reelected. As for people like Orban who oppose him, Soros told WaPo, “I’m painfully aware that they are against the ideas that I stand for.”

Mr. Soros seems to have an endless pot of gold at his disposal, and as such, sinks a ton of it into his pet causes – among them Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. But more and more he is having to come to grips with the fact that people aren’t buying his leftist view of the world. Perhaps this is a teachable moment for George Soros to grasp a crucial life lesson: Money can’t buy everything.


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