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Political Currents: Epstein, Gun Control, and Iowa Hopefuls

The Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theory, how Democrats fare at the Iowa State Fair, and Trump goes to New Hampshire.

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Columns, Opinion, Politics

Liberty Nation brings you a preview of the week’s political stories from two perspectives: The most significant developments in U.S. national politics and which stories will be most talked about – unanticipated developments notwithstanding.

Though not primarily a political story, the untimely death of wealthy, accused pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has already assumed all the trappings of a political conspiracy. This is a man who had rich and powerful associates – many in the world of politics – and a lot of people cannot help but wonder whether his recent alleged suicide in prison is not part of some sinister cover-up.

The Department of Justice will be investigating the matter, particularly in light of the fact that Epstein had only recently survived one supposed suicide attempt. Questions are being asked about why he had not been more closely watched. Some of Epstein’s alleged victims have taken legal action and the sordid details of this man’s activities will continue to come to light, regardless of his death.

Will Republicans Cave on Guns?

Recent mass shootings continue to raise the temperature in the national debate over guns. During the coming week, it is going to be both interesting and alarming to watch the crumbling resistance to knee-jerk federal gun legislation on the part of Republicans.

Most of them know full well that so-called “expanded” background checks and red flag laws are constitutionally dubious and that the effectiveness of such measures in reducing the number of mass shootings is debatable, at best. Nevertheless, conservatives would be naïve to think that most Republicans are not more concerned with remaining in office than they are with protecting constitutional rights.

Democrat 2020 Hopefuls in Iowa

A popular question this week is set to be: How much will the Democratic Party’s 2020 nomination race shift? Former VP Joe Biden is still ahead but he appears incapable of delivering public remarks without saying something inappropriate or just plain stupid. Iowa’s all-important caucuses will take place in early February 2020 and Democratic presidential hopefuls are currently swarming the Iowa State Fair, which runs through August 18.

Poll-watchers and pundits have stocked up on popcorn and painkillers, ready to settle in for a week of political theatrics and shifting fortunes. Will Uncle Joe still be the voters’ first choice when the dust settles?

On August 15, President Donald Trump will hold a rally in Manchester, NH. In 2016, Trump won the state’s Republican primary by a wide margin but lost its four electoral college votes to Hillary Clinton by a difference of just 0.4%. No doubt, the president believes he has a real chance to carry the state in 2020 and is bound to be fired up for the rally.


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