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New Panama Leader Vows to Close Migrant Pathway to US

He’ll face major opposition from the organized global network aiding the influx.

Panama has elected a new president who has promised to shut down the infamous migration route to the United States known as the Darién Gap. But he will face stout obstacles along the way, including a powerful network openly abetting the mass movement of people into the US that will likely do all it can to thwart him.

“The border of the United States, instead of being in Texas, moved to Panama,” José Raúl Mulino said in April during the final stages of his successful campaign. Mulino won the country’s May 5 presidential election by a ten-point margin.

Promise to Panama

Panamanians welcomed his unequivocally tough stance on an issue that has wreaked havoc on their Central American nation. The president-elect reiterated his intentions just days after his victory. “Those who are down there (in South America) and those who would like to come, need to know that whoever arrives here is going to be sent back to their country of origin,” Mulino declared on May 9, Agence France-Presse reports. “Our Darién is not a transit route, no sir. It is our border.”

Ah, but does a sovereign and independent country have the right to preserve the integrity of its borders in our bold new age of globalization? There are powerful forces that disagree. Unfortunately for Americans, some are embedded in vital positions within their own government.

The Darién Gap “is a dense jungle that straddles the border between Panama and Colombia, separating North and South America,” Michael Capuano at the Federation for American Immigration Reform notes. “Once one of the most remote parts of the Americas, the area has been transformed into a mass corridor for illegal aliens headed to the US, particularly Venezuelan nationals.”

The words “has been transformed” are especially apt. Somebody made this happen. The change has been too abrupt to have developed organically.

“In 2020, just 6,000 people entered the gap, but by 2023, over 500,000 people trekked through the Darién in one year alone,” Capuano continues. “So far this year, approximately 147,000 migrants have already entered Panama through the Darién Gap.”

‘More Diverse Communities and Societies’

The main factor promoting this astronomical surge is a globalist decree of a “right to human migration” that all independent nations must defer to. As Liberty Nation has documented, the Biden administration fully supports this internationalist mandate.

GettyImages-1688882876 migrants

(Photo by Daniel Gonzalez/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

“[United Nations] agencies highlighted the importance of expanding refugee resettlement and regular migration pathways for saving lives and harnessing the potential for development that refugees and migrants bring,” the UN said on December 7 in a statement urging protection for refugees crossing the Darién Gap.

“Migrants and refugees are powerful drivers for development and for stronger and more diverse communities and societies,” International Organization for Migration Director-General Amy Pope said. IOM is “part of the United Nations System and stands as the leading intergovernmental organization in the field of migration.”

The UN is disingenuously asserting that vastly expanding mass migration in all “regular” ways possible is the key to cutting down the numbers in the Darién Gap. This is also the official policy of the Biden administration, as Secretary of State Antony Blinken affirmed in his May 7 trip to Guatemala. Of course, the opposite has happened. By sending the message that the nations of the West are open to all comers who can get there, human tidal waves like the one currently engulfing Panama become inevitable.

Moneyed NGOs funded by the US government, wealthy philanthropies, and corporations, meanwhile, are actively aiding the migrants in the Darién Gap.

HIAS, a Jewish American humanitarian aid organization, is one of the leading religious-affiliated NGOs abetting the illegal alien influx into the US. The group operates extensively in Colombia, the country that stands in between Venezuela and Panama. “HIAS Colombia” funders include USAID, the US State Department, the United Nations, the Hilton Foundation, and corporate goliaths Airbnb and Uber. The organization serves as a rest stop for migrants on the way to the United States.

“HIAS programs provide information about risks on the route [including the Darién Gap], psychological counseling services, and legal support to people in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Honduras,” the group says. “People who receive support can be referred to HIAS offices located in countries further ahead, where staff members are already aware of the complexities of their case.”

Big-box media reports on the Panama election results already stress that closing the Darién Gap is simply not feasible. Mulino “has promised to stop soaring levels of migration through the Darién jungles, where more than a half million people crossed last year, though experts question the viability of his plan due to the sheer quantities of vulnerable people traveling through the passage,” the Associated Press writes.

Who are these “experts”? AP doesn’t say.

This is the reality of power politics in the age of globalization. The new president of Panama vows his nation will control its borders. A vast internationalist apparatus is telling him he cannot do so. It is going to take leadership change in more than one country before the illegal alien pipeline to the United States is closed down.

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