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Antony Blinken Goes Abroad to Laud Mass Migration Into US

While Americans cite immigration as a top issue, the Biden administration gloats around the globe.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken traveled to Guatemala on May 7 to celebrate the influx of “migrants” that has left Americans reeling. It’s an extraordinary thing to happen during a presidential election year. At the same time that citizens have identified immigration as the number one issue facing the nation today, the Biden administration is boasting abroad of its commitment to exacerbate the crisis.

“The Biden administration has also led one of the largest expansions of lawful pathways for migrants,” Blinken declared at a ministerial meeting of the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection in Guatemala City. “We’ve implemented new humanitarian parole processes for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, Venezuelans, and we’ve helped more than 400,000 individuals lawfully come to the United States.”

There was more.

“We also established new family reunification parole processes for the nations of – nationals of Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Colombia, and updated these same processes for Cubans and Haitians,” Blinken continued. “We’ve raised our target for refugee resettlement to 125,000 people a year, with up to 10,000 – or excuse me – 50,000 coming from our own hemisphere. And we’ve increased the number of H-2 temporary worker visas, which is a critical part of increasing lawful labor pathways.”

‘Promote Safe, Orderly and Humane Migration’

Liberty Nation on May 7 documented the abuse of the humanitarian parole program and how it has been encouraged by powerful big-money progressive ruling establishment entities. Blinken’s latest words once again highlight the administration’s strident dedication to binding the US to multi-national collective action in support of the mass movement of foreigners into the nations of the West.

Blinken observed “International Migrants Day” on December 18, 2023, by issuing an official release again touting his department’s diligent labors to open broad avenues into the American heartland.

“On International Migrants Day, we recognize the hundreds of millions of migrants living outside of their home countries,” the missive read. “It is imperative that countries expand lawful pathways, protect vulnerable migrants, promote inclusion, and advance policies and processes to promote safe, orderly, and humane migration.”

New Banner Illegal ImmigrationHe pointed out that his State Department was doing everything possible to expand those pathways.

“The United States is committed to leading these efforts globally,” the December 18 release added. “The United States has led the largest expansion in decades of lawful migration pathways to help vulnerable migrants, refugees, and other displaced persons. Tens of thousands of individuals have benefited from rapid processing and support through the Safe Mobility initiative since its launch in June 2023.”

The term “lawful” is meaningless when the definition of “refugee” is stretched so far as to include murky categories such as those fleeing from “gender-based violence.” Under the Biden administration, virtually any foreigner can qualify as a “lawful” refugee.

What Blinken Has Wrought

The Los Angeles Declaration on Migration has greatly aided these efforts. As the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees makes clear, the agreement was specifically drawn up to be a green light for mass migration in the Western Hemisphere.

“The countries that endorsed the Los Angeles Declaration pledged to strengthen national, regional, and hemispheric efforts to create the conditions for safe, orderly, humane, and regular migration and to strengthen frameworks for international protection and cooperation,” the UNHCR noted in a June 2023 statement marking the one-year anniversary of the pact.

“Since then, governments in the region have launched important initiatives, including expanded refugee resettlement programs, family reunification and labor mobility schemes, and other safe legal pathways to protection and immigration into the United States and other countries. At the same time, mechanisms such as the Quito Process, the Regional Conference on Migration and the South American Conference have created and intensified synergies. We applaud these efforts of regional collaboration and collective responsibility.”

The national sovereignty of the United States has been subsumed into internationalist collective action “schemes.” That is what the Biden administration has done, and this is why there is a migrant crisis in America at this moment.

The Los Angeles Declaration impels the US to accept more foreign workers. A 2022 Blinken State Department “Fact Sheet” on the declaration states:

“The United States announced it doubled legal labor pathways for Central America in FY2022 while enhancing worker protections. The United States issued more than 19,000 seasonal labor H-2 visas to northern Central American nationals in FY2022 compared to 9,796 in FY2021 – a 94 percent increase.

“Legal labor pathways provide an alternative to irregular migration while meeting domestic labor needs for employers who can demonstrate no US workers are able, willing, qualified, and available to do the temporary work, and the United States is working to further expand those pathways in FY 2023 in addition to collaborating with interagency partners to help reduce H-2 workers’ significant vulnerabilities.”

“President Biden is committed to further building our partnership under the Los Angeles Declaration,” Blinken said May 7 in Guatemala City. “This includes stepping up our shared ownership of the declaration – including by putting in place a formal coordinating body with a secretariat. This support will help sustain our efforts to put the declaration’s principles into action.”

When it comes to mass migration into the US, the worst may be yet to come.

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