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Grasping at Straws to Get Out the Vote for Joe Biden

The Biden-friendly media is resorting to desperate measures.

Various parties on the left side of the political divide, for a variety of reasons, are coming to the uncomfortable conclusion that all is not well in these United States of America, that the administration of Joe Biden has fallen short on just about all the significant issues. They are faced with a barrage of worrying presidential polling results and the increasing likelihood that their nemesis, the supervillain (as they see him) Donald Trump may indeed return to the White House in January of 2025. Perhaps their desire to defeat Trump is, in fact, far greater than their desire to see Joe Biden re-elected.

Whatever the truth is, Biden supporters are now grasping at increasingly illusive straws. They present the American voter with ever more bizarre reasons why the current president should be given a second term despite his less than stellar – some would even say abysmal – record during his first.

From the moment it became clear Trump was likely to win the 2024 Republican Party nomination, his opponents – both in the world of politics and in the media – have been trying to hammer home a tiresome and entirely baseless narrative. The 45th president, they warn, should he become the 47th, will shred the Constitution. He will have his political opponents arrested. He will strip away everybody’s freedoms and transform the country into a dictatorship. He is – or so the left would have the rest of us believe – the greatest threat to democracy the modern world has ever known.

Never mind that Trump attempted to do none of those things during his first term. If Trump were truly the tyrannical madman the left likes to portray him as, Joe Biden wouldn’t be in the White House today. Donald Trump would be there, ruling over us with an iron fist – or, failing that, the country would still be in the throes of some kind of civil war or revolution.

The “threat to democracy” rhetoric is getting a little stale for everybody. We’ve all heard it more times than we can remember. So, what’s a diehard Democrat or a left-wing reporter to do in order to get the electorate to choose Biden over Trump in November?

The pro-Biden – or perhaps it’s more accurate to say anti-Trump – crowd can’t exactly tout the current commander-in-chief’s accomplishments. Even some elected Democrats and prominent left-leaning media outlets are conceding that the US southern border is a disaster and rampant illegal immigration is causing all manner of problems across the country. Additionally, the cost of living is outrageous, and Biden has utterly failed to unite the country, as he promised to do so many times during his inaugural speech. Let’s not even talk about foreign policy or national security.

Take Pity on Joe Biden

The newest tactic appears to be going for the sympathy vote. While Biden continues to portray himself as sharp and vigorous – and frequently puts on his cringeworthy tough-guy impersonation – a couple of friendly media outlets appear to be trying to persuade voters to feel sorry for him.

New banner Liberty Nation Analysis 1On May 14, the most well-known left-leaning Washington, DC, newspaper published an article of staggering length, titled: “Biden once nearly died of an aneurysm. Risky surgery changed his life.” The article was an overly dramatic recounting of what was indeed a very serious and potentially fatal medical condition Biden suffered in the late 1980s. He had not one, but two brain aneurysms. And to be clear, there’s nothing at all funny about that. However – and this may seem a little cynical to some – the underlying message of this article appears to be that Joe Biden deserves your support because he’s such a fighter and he has overcome such odds and such tragedy, including almost dying, in order to get where he is today.

Up until now, the left-wing media has never wanted to even mention Biden’s brain aneurysms – and so the timing of this article is somewhat suspect.

The following day, May 15, Politico published an article titled: “Biden aides worry about psychological torment as Hunter heads for trial.” This piece – also a little dramatic – portrays Biden as the doting father, suffering sleepless nights because his beloved son, Hunter, is soon to face trial for possessing a firearm while addicted to illegal drugs, as well as for lying on the background check form.

Apparently, Joe Biden deserves our pity and, presumably, our votes because, well, he’s just been through so much.

Running Out of Options

The pro-Democrat media was eager to accuse then-President Trump of lying just about every time he opened his mouth. But even these organizations can’t bring themselves to tell the American public that at least Joe Biden is honest – because they know that the claim itself would be wildly dishonest. Joe Biden continues, at a seemingly increasing rate, to recount entirely fictitious episodes from his life. As for his record as president, he, his press secretary, and various administration officials continue to churn out whoppers about the economy and the state of the country in general. At present, Biden is still trying to live down the claim he made recently, on more than one occasion, that he came into office facing an inflation rate of 9%, when in fact the official rate at that time was 1.4%.

That’s just one in a long list of easily debunked claims that have come out of the White House in just the last few months.

So, with no policy record to tout, no ability to brag about his honesty – or his transparency, for that matter – and with everyone getting tired of hearing about Trump the Terrible, what’s the plan? The only thing Biden advocates have left, it seems, are the teeny tiny violins they play in an attempt to tug on Americans’ heartstrings so they will pull the lever in November for poor old Joe.

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