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Test Your News Knowledge Quiz – May 19, 2024

by | May 19, 2024 | Articles, Quizzes

Test Your News Knowledge - 5/19/24
1. On May 9, the Biden administration announced a change in how migrants:
2. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump took the stage on May 11 at a festival-like event in what resort town?
3. What COVID-19 vaccine, primarily used in Europe, has recently been taken off the market?
4. Which former Trump lawyer is currently a star witness for the prosecution against the former president?
5. Russia and China are collaborating to put a __________ on the moon’s surface by 2026.
6. New legislation in ________ would prohibit Chinese property ownership within 100 miles of any military installation.
7. A May 13 poll shows Trump in the lead in five of the six battleground states. The state he slightly trails in is:
8. Statistics show the overall rate of _________ in the US has decreased over the last several years.
9. College students and graduates are fleeing this state in search of cheaper living costs and better job opportunities.
10. A set of debates between former president Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden are set to take place in June and:

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