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New Mexico Up in Arms

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Columns, Narrated News

As legacy media outlets reported a “religious man” holed up in a compound in New Mexico with four other adults, a stockpile of weapons, and 11 hungry, malnourished, and filthy children, they failed to mention his ties to radical Islam.

In the rural town of Amalia in Taos County, authorities raided the Jihadi compound, arresting the adults and placing the children with New Mexico’s Children, Youth and Families Department, as sordid details – from squalid conditions, lack of food and water, and semi-automatic weaponry – began to filter through media outlets.

Siraj Mahhaj

The religious man is a radical Islamic extremist – the son of a prominent and apparently untouchable Brooklyn Imam, Siraj Mahhaj, named by federal authorities as an “unindicted co-conspirator” of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. It seems they share both a name and violent Jihad ideology,

But conservative media took no prisoners as prosecutors informed reporters that Mahhaj was training children to become what could only be described as suicide mission school shooters.

And New Mexico conservatives are up in arms over the downplaying of a terrorist camp in their “Land of Enchantment.”

Aztec Strong

On December 7, 2017, William Atchison walked into Aztec High School and opened fire, killing two seniors before committing suicide. The small oil and gas community in the four corners region was rocked.

George Reid lives in the tri-city area, which includes Aztec, and his response to news of a school shooter training camp in his state rocked him to his core:

William Atchison

There was nothing right about that compound or the goings on there. Having had two grandchildren in Aztec High School on December 7th, the part about training for school shootings hits home the hardest. We have been really “lucky” so far, in that almost every school shooter to date has been an idiot who is pretty unfamiliar with weapons. The day that someone who has trained to reload, clear jammed firearms, aim, and exchange gunfire with first responders without immediately panicking and ending their own lives is likely to be a very costly in innocent human life.”

Is what we are learning from the raid in Amalia a precursor to what America can expect in the future: weaponizing children to do the dirty work of cowardly terrorists?  This is a question every American must ask themselves. Wahhaj was fanatically mission-oriented – so much so that he allowed (or caused) his own son to die and be buried without ceremony. How can we allow this in America? The sad fact is, we did. G. John Baugh brought the light out on liberal social media trolls:

“I can’t wait to find out more about the accused and their back ground. If this is what people want to be brought to American ground, you can go ahead and unfriend me right now. This is overly blatant of what’s wrong with some people that want to protect others that train their children to kill my grandchildren. This isn’t an isolated incident this happens all over the USA. National news won’t cover. Wake up America!”


Sadly, the remains of the child on the grounds of the compound were of the boy, Abdul-Ghanni, as the Imam has admitted. Cause of death has yet to be announced by the local medical examiner, but one could make the case that had the child not been abducted by his father, he might still be very much alive.

The Imam Wahhaj was unavailable for comment but issued a statement about his grandson through his people, “whoever is responsible… should be held accountable.”

But will these five adults be held responsible, or will political correctness override common decency? Brenda Meggs Turner fears it’s the latter:

“Finally the mother of the dead 3 year old [Abdul-Ghani] got the Sheriff to go back and really search. He cried when he found these children. This mother had been trying to get help for a year!!!”

But I will let Mike Culver of Farmington have the last word on this tragic and frightful discovery:

“ I am a proud, deplorable, right wing, trumpeteer. I believe there are three things that will make us stronger:

  1. Build the wall we must have a better grip on who enters this nation.
  2. Protect the 2nd amendment. Our adversaries think twice when they know we are armed and trained.
  3. And I know this country is a melting pot with a diverse population that must be protected under our constitution, but our enemy is Muslim extremism and we cannot allow these extremists to continue to operate these type of training camps of which there are many throughout our country.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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