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A Nazi Olympic Symbol?

by | Feb 11, 2018 | The Left

Radical leftists have recently criticized the Norwegian Olympic ski team for wearing a sweater with the ancient Norse rune symbol Tyr (↑) on their sweaters because some neo-Nazi groups in recent times have appropriated the symbol for their movement. The producer of the sweater, Dale of Norway, has dismissed the accusation. Chief executive Hilde Midtfjell told the Times that they will ignore the complaints.“Neo-Nazis have marched with Norwegian flags,” she said. “That does not mean we stop using that, does it?”

The informed reader will recognize this power tactic by the left. Accusing someone of racism and Nazism only works against those who are neither. The radical left knows this and uses it to gain power over innocent decent people.

Making Labels

But to truly strip naked this Satanic method it is useful to expose their surgically precise inconsistencies in what they choose to label as Nazi. Let’s start by the obvious case, which is the Norse god Tyr, known in English as Tue. He has given rise to the day that we call Tuesday. Yes, that’s right. Tuesday is Tue’s day. How very Nazi.

That’s just an innocent warm-up. Have you ever noticed that the Volkswagen logo looks rune-like? That’s no coincidence. It was the Nazis who created that car. The Beetle was Hitler’s idea. “Volkswagen” is German for “People’s wagon.” Should we stop driving the Volkswagens then?

But there is more. A lot more. You have probably heard of “lebensraum” but maybe you did not know that it was in part deeply inspired by radical environmentalism? Hitler wanted to build windmills and organic farms to feed his people. He just needed a little space for that. Like Ukraine.

The Nazis loved animals, too. In a speech in 1933, Herman Göring said that he would end “the intolerable torture and suffering in animal experiments” and threatened to send to concentration camps “those who still believe that they can treat animals as inorganic property.”

Since the Nazis were pioneers in green ideology, clearly then, leftists should want to ban all forms of environmentalism because it’s a Nazi symbol, right? Not quite.

And then, of course, there is the welfare state. It wasn’t Hitler who invented it, but he surely was one of its pioneers. Under the Third Reich, the German welfare state was dramatically expanded. The Nazis wanted to show the world that they could do socialism better than anyone else.

Norse Rune symbol Tyr

Many were impressed, among them Franklin D. Roosevelt whose New Deal was in part inspired by fascism,  as evidenced by the correspondence between the president and Mussolini. Obviously then, any respectful leftist who wants nothing to do with Nazi symbols must virulently oppose the welfare state, right?

Tools of the Left

We all know this has never happened and never will. Why? Because to them, calling someone a racist or Nazi has nothing to do with actual concerns about other people but is only a devious device for manipulating empathic people into obedience.

Sadly, this tactic still works with many people. However, the response by Dale of Norway and the Norwegian public shows that some people are starting to take a stance against the empathy parasites.


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N.B. The “↑” is also a Chinese character pronounced “ge,” meaning “of,” as in “one of.”

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