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Migrant Crime Against Law Enforcement

Attacks on officers are on the rise, complicating the already out-of-hand border crisis.

Illegal immigration is out of hand in so many ways. America is being flooded with people whose first act in the United States is to break our nation’s laws. Cities and states struggle to find housing, food, medical care, and the funds to provide necessities for thousands of border jumpers who enter their territories. Crime is rising, and citizens are getting fed up. All of these concerns have been covered extensively in the media, but there’s another worry that isn’t mentioned much: migrant crime on law enforcement.

Migrant Crime on Law Enforcement

Illegals fighting to get into the country is bad enough, but when they attack law enforcement and get away with it, a dangerous precedent is set. Last week, two Venezuelan migrants in El Paso, TX, tackled a member of the Texas National Guard, causing him to fall into the razor wire barrier.

According to the soldier, 38-year-old Karla Dividay Matar Jaimes grabbed him by the neck while 33-year-old Yoel Jesus Guerra Urdanet grabbed his leg, flipping him back on the wire installed to prevent illegal migrant crossings.

In the Lone Star State, assaulting a police officer is punishable with a fine up to $10,000 and a prison sentence of two to ten years, explained the Barbieri Law Firm website. However, “If you are convicted of assaulting a police officer who is considered to be a peace officer, the offense becomes a second-degree felony and the potential prison sentence is twice as long.”

So, how were the illegal immigrants punished for attacking a National Guard soldier, who can be considered a peace officer in certain states? Both were charged with assault and Urdanet received a $3,500 bond. However, Jaimes was “charged at large,” Fox News reported, “meaning she was freed – because she was traveling with children.”

Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) field officer director John Fabbricatore posted on X (formally Twitter), “She assaulted a soldier. If a citizen had done that the children would have been put  in state custody and she would be in jail! This is a two-tiered justice system in which illegal aliens are benefiting.”

In America, being a parent does not excuse you from being punished for committing a crime. A December article by CNN reported:

“More than half (58%) of all women in prisons are mothers. Many are being held because they can’t afford bail and for non-violent offenses. Most incarcerated women are also the primary caretakers of their children.”

Unfortunately, the migrant and law enforcement clash is only increasing. Chicago has its hands full finding housing for the border jumpers and has been using police precincts as temporary shelters. Last month, four people were arrested for threatening and assaulting district officers as well as stealing from the precinct.

Outside a migrant shelter in Brooklyn, NY, officers were assaulted as they confiscated at least a dozen unregistered mopeds after numerous complaints of loud noises, traffic, and fights from neighborhood residents (the mopeds were reportedly being used by employed immigrants to deliver food and other supplies). Six undocumented individuals were arrested for assault and resisting arrest.

Not Just in the United States

In June, at Oye Plage near Calais in France, UK-funded gendarmes (French police officers) found a group of 51 migrants trying to launch a boat to Britain. Armed with makeshift weapons and rocks, they attacked the officers. When the boat reached Dover, England, two men — Salih Taib Abdullah, 33, from Iraq, and Ahmed Omar Saleh Khater, 25, from Sudan — were arrested and later sentenced to two years and two months in prison “for attempting to arrive in the UK illegally,” Daily Mail reported.

GettyImages-1688883592 immigration

(Photo by Daniel Gonzalez/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

In Hungary, “The police and the border hunters are fighting,” said the prime minister’s Chief Advisor on Homeland Security György Bakondi, referring to the Hungary-Serbia border.  He said that groups of 140-180 people use ladders to go over the fence, then attempt to overrun the police. Meanwhile, smugglers also are transporting illegals. “He pointed out that illegal migrants regularly attack police vehicles and police officers with wooden sticks, stones and slingshot bullets. So far this year, seven officers have been injured,” Hungary Today reported in August.

And it gets worse. The violence has spread into the population. “At first, criminal gangs only fought each other with knives, pistols and submachine guns in the outskirts, but now they have also appeared in populated areas and have started shooting,” even targeting regular citizens. Recently, a hand grenade was launched at the house of a man who condemns illegal immigration on social media. “This is noteworthy because it is the first time since 2015 that criminal gangs have deliberately targeted the population, marking the beginning of a new and dangerous period,” Bakondi said.

These are only a few examples of migrant attacks on law enforcement. With millions of border jumpers crossing into the United States each year, many more incidents are not being reported or receiving much attention. The disrespect for and violence against law enforcers are other little-publicized elements in the border crisis, and the release of Jaimes in El Paso after physically attacking a soldier because she was traveling with children will only perpetuate more disregard for our rules and people. The attack against a private citizen that occurred in Hungary can happen here, too, if we continue to allow flagrant abuse of our laws without appropriate punishment.

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