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Leftist Hypocrisy Doesn’t Fool Flyover Folk

by | Jul 7, 2018 | Columns

The incessant pounding on immigration from the left is keeping the faithful patriots of the Heartland busy in defense of truth and justice. It is, frankly, exhausting. But after a long weekend of celebrating the Declaration of Independence and freedom from tyranny, the much-needed respite has sparked a rejuvenation of spirit for battle from the Ohio River Valley to the Scrub Oak desolation of West Texas.

Checking in with the Candless family in Texas found matriarch Cindy spitting mad at the hypocrisy of climate change proponents. Her specific target: Gary, a wealthy lawyer who drives gas-guzzling vehicles, including a $750,000 RV that costs $1,000 to gas up and boasts a seven miles-per-gallon fuel economy while towing a pig for petrol four-wheel drive. Yet he complains incessantly about cow farts and the environment. According to Cindy:

“He talks about climate change. He babbles about what a good example he is to his children, and how the President is immune to compassion. Yet he sends his charitable dollars around the globe, forgetting that this country also has needs. He needs his mind changed, that’s what.”

While a leftist mindset repulses reality and will never consider opposing views, perhaps a continual shaming from folks living in the real world will deter Gary’s constant crowing.

Lady Liberty

At the Vermilion County, Illinois, BP gas station, bait shop, and fried food buffet, farmers yammered at length over black coffee in halfhearted attempts to solve the world’s problems. A massive storm system with torrential rains allowed for a leisurely morning to catch up with long-time friends and watch cable news.

As Fox News blared from a 32-inch television mounted above the cash register, three old men were in a deep discussion about Antifa’s protests and the latest “yay-hoo” immigrant who climbed the skirts of Lady Liberty to call attention to Trump’s desperate need for sensitivity training. Therese Okoumou, a native of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is calling Staten Island home now — at least until ICE reviews her paperwork. If you ask Reggie his opinion:

“It says right here in the USA Today paper that she has been here 10 years. Is she a citizen? Hell, is she even here with papers. How the heck does someone who has reaped the benefits of this nation be a protesting fool that climbs up the Statue of Liberty? It says she’s in federal detention. Time to send her back to the Congo.”

His pal Harry was chuckling and shaking his head but added, “Now you know why we need stricter immigration policies, good Lord.”

Newton County employees raced the devilish storm to gingerly take down the red, white, and blue bunting draped across building fronts on Main Street, boxing them up for next year’s American holiday.

MAGA and Proud

Maryanne took a moment of her time to tell me what was on her mind:

“I have a MAGA hat and when I’m off the clock, I wear it with pride. If some punk dares to harass me, if that dingbat Maxine Waters stirs up trouble, or if one of those celebrities tries to derail making my country great again, I’m going to fight back.”

The folks in flyover states, the very same people who sent Hillary back to New York, are banding together in massive numbers, pushing past the vitriol and threats of violence, to rise above futile attacks from the left. They aren’t necessarily Trump fans so much as they are loyal to their country. And they are growing.

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