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Laugh, Cry, Sigh: This Week in Memes – 11.9.19

In politics, it's all Meme Warfare.

Editor’s Note: As print newspapers face the struggle of dealing with an increasingly digital medium, one of the first cuts is always the editorial cartoon. These small, often amusing pieces of the zeitgeist are not only distinct social commentary, but they are also an art form that will be sorely missed.

Yet the people must have their visual entertainment. To fill that void, many are turning to Memes. Each week, Liberty Nation trawls the internet in search of the most striking, most poignant, and above all, most entertaining Memes for your pleasure. Enjoy.

We offer our sincerest thanks to the Meme producers. Well done.

Welcome to the dangers of humor in 2019.


Halloween provides a perfect opportunity to roll out old tropes.







The news that a private medical examiner, hired by the family, is now disputing the cause of Jefferey Epstein’s death had the internet going wild.





When The Washington Post released a piece describing Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State group who had died the day before, as an “Austere, Religious Scholar,” the internet had some quick replies.



Naturally, the impeachment proceedings and vote got their fair share of witty coverage.





And finally, just for fun.


That’s all for this week. Share with your friends and see you next time.

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