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Kavanaugh Investigation Backfires on Accusers and Their Democrat Handlers

Everyone, at some point, has heard the old warning “be careful what you wish for,” or has used it themselves when they or others around them got more than they bargained for. Senate Republicans must have told their Democratic counterparts the very same thing over the weekend that followed the Brett Kavanaugh sex assault hearing.

Democrats wanted the confirmation process delayed and, of course, they used the excuse that the completely uncorroborated allegations made against Judge Kavanaugh should be more thoroughly looked into before the Senate votes. They may come to regret being granted that request – as the FBI digs into this sordid affair – since it is their own scheming that will now be exposed to the nation.

Following a request from the Senate Judiciary Committee, President Donald Trump agreed to have the Bureau look into the allegations. Democrats almost immediately betrayed their true intentions; the opposition party refrain had been that it would not hurt anyone to delay the process for a week while investigators interviewed the alleged victims and witnesses. They cried foul when Trump gave the FBI exactly that amount of time to complete their work.

Prominent Democrats almost immediately objected to limitations on both the time-frame and scope of the probe. As is the case with the special counsel investigation into alleged collusion between Trump election campaign operatives and the Russians, the opposition wants to instigate another investigation that has no limits and no accountability.

Democrat Ploy Derails

Almost immediately, the carefully contrived plan by Democratic politicians and leftist activists – accuser Christina Blasey Ford among them – to derail the Kavanaugh nomination started to come apart. Ford herself may have been in on the deception from the start but she has also been deceived by her attorneys and by the Senator who assigned them to her case, Diane Feinstein of California.

Ford was caught unawares at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing when she was told that Republicans had been willing to send staffers to California – or to anywhere else she chose – to take her testimony in a confidential setting. This would have solved the issue of jet-setting Ford’s alleged fear of flying while honoring her apparent wish to remain anonymous. Ford responded to this information by telling committee chairman Chuck Grassley that she had never been made aware of the Republicans’ offer. It was immediately clear that either Ford was lying or that her attorneys – themselves, Democratic operatives – had withheld that information from her; thus, forcing her to travel to a public hearing in the nation’s capital.

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans have initiated an investigation into the leaking of Ford’s letter to Feinstein. The Senator received that letter, in which Ford made an allegation of sexual assault by Judge Kavanaugh in the early 1980’s, in July of 2018 but said nothing about its contents until after the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. Ford made it clear to the Senate committee that, at no time, did she consent to the release of the letter and yet it was leaked to the media. Only Feinstein, Ford’s attorneys or Ford’s congressional representative, Democrat Anna Eshoo, could have leaked the letter.

Kavanaugh Accusations Fall Apart

Ford is not the only person to have made an allegation against Kavanaugh but his other accusers seem to have done little but add to the air of rampant deceit – bordering on the ridiculous – that surrounds the judge.  Michael Avenatti, who represented adult entertainment star Stormy Daniels against President Donald Trump and who is now affectionately known as the creepy porn lawyer, produced a woman who claims to have attended numerous high-school parties at which girls were drugged and gang-raped.

Julie Swetnick has her own credibility issues, however. It appears odd enough that she, a college student at the time of the alleged rape parties, was regularly attending high school social gatherings. It seems even more bizarre that she claims to have attended more than 10 of these parties, all the while knowing that girls were being raped and even though she, herself, claims to have been raped at one of those same parties – but not by Judge Kavanaugh.

Even NBC host Kate Snow admits that Swetnick, who she interviewed, is inconsistent with her account of the alleged events. This accuser, like Ford, has failed to produce any corroborating witnesses. It appears that everyone who associated with either of these two women at the time when Kavanaugh was allegedly drinking and raping his way across the country is either deceased or claims to have no idea what either of them is talking about.

Another man claims that Brett Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge, who was also implicated by both Ford and Swetnick but flatly denied any knowledge of the alleged events, in a sworn statement, picked up a female friend of his in a bar and sexually assaulted her on a boat in Rhode Island. The man, whose identity has not been confirmed but who uses a social media account under the name of Jeffrey Catalan, further claimed that, on hearing of the assault, he and a friend confronted Kavanaugh and Judge, leaving them with severe physical injuries. Catalan has been referred to the FBI for his false claims, which he has since retracted.

Democratic Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, both 2020 presidential hopefuls who appear to believe that the public’s memory of their present dishonesty will fade by that time, both claim to have letters from people making further allegations against Kavanaugh. As with the other claims, these come with no corroborating evidence or supporting witness testimony and will undoubtedly be conveniently forgotten, if and when they come under scrutiny from the FBI.

This entire debacle – orchestrated by Senate Democrats and shady left-wing extremists – has become the most shameful episode in American political history. It would not even be remotely fair to suggest that Watergate was as big a scandal. There was nothing personal about Watergate; it was a simple case of operatives from one political party attempting to sabotage their opponents, much like the ongoing ‘FISA-gate’ scandal. The Kavanaugh affair, however, is about personal destruction. In order to hold open a Supreme Court seat, the Democrats have connived to destroy a man’s life, his career, his reputation, and his family.

When politics becomes this personal and this destructive to the lives of people in public service, a reckoning is due. Those who are behind the smear campaign against the president’s Supreme Court nominee must be held fully accountable. Once the FBI makes its report to the Senate and the Kavanaugh vote is over, the Republicans should do what Democrats called for; initiate an expansive Department of Justice investigation into the origins of all allegations made against Kavanaugh. Every accuser and every member of the Senate to whom the accusations were provided should be subpoenaed to testify under oath about said allegations, their origins and why they were readily accepted despite a complete lack of evidence or any other form of verification. Perhaps a grand jury may be necessary to rule on what is now a massive case of collusion to pervert the course of justice, to wrongly condemn an innocent man for political gain and to deceive both the Senate and, potentially, the Justice Department.

Quite apart from the criminal charges and, perhaps, prison sentences that should be handed down to those involved, the American voter will be thinking about this shameful and fabricated inquisition when he or she votes in the 2018 midterm elections. Worse still for Democrats, at least two of their leading presidential candidates are implicated and their behavior will be remembered, come the next general election. Yes, Democrats; be careful what you wish for.

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