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It May Be Clean, But Why Does It Look Dirty?

Mixed signals on allegations of Democrat election theft.

It may turn out that former Vice President Joe Biden wins the 2020 presidential election fair and square. However, the Democrats have behaved as if they are guilty. It could be a clean election, but it happens to look like it would if it were rigged. If Biden thought he had won, he should have said something like this: “I recognize that there are legitimate concerns among many about the integrity of this election. In the interest of national unity and to convince all Americans that I am the legitimate winner, I encourage all Democrats to cooperate in a full bipartisan audit in the swing states. President Donald Trump is within his full constitutional right to pursue any juridical contesting of the result.”

That’s not what happened. Biden, the Democrats, and the legacy media have done everything in their power to label anyone who has worries about election integrity as conspiracy theorists and extremists who are trying to steal the election. So much for unity. In the months leading up to the election, Democrats were behaving as if they were preparing for election fraud. They insisted on universal mail-in voting due to COVID-19, despite the apprehensions expressed by Republicans that it threatened election integrity.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the public face of the Coronavirus crisis, said that people could vote safely in person if social distancing, masks, and hand hygiene were part of the process. While disparaging the president for ignoring the experts, the Democrats chose to dismiss the same experts who said that voting in person was safe. There may have been an innocent reason for this, but it sure looks like they were preparing for massive fraud.

The Plot Twist

From what we know, Dominion counting software was utilized in the critical battleground states. Trump’s lawyer Sidney Powell has alleged that this software was used to switch millions of votes from Trump to Biden. She claims to have substantial evidence but has so far not shown her hand. If she is right, however, it looks like the following happened: Democrat operatives used internal polling to estimate how many votes they needed to manufacture to steal the election. That number appears to be around 2.7 million votes.

However, there was a twist in the plot: the shy Trump voters. Those pollsters underestimated how many people lied about voting for Trump, even more than in 2016. Therefore, it became clear on election night that Trump had the chance of an even greater landslide than they had anticipated.

Almost simultaneously, five or six vote-tallying centers chose to stop counting around 11 p.m., which is highly unusual. By an extraordinary coincidence, these happened to be in Democratic counties in the critical swing states. When the Republican election observers had gone home, the Democratic tallying crew returned and continued counting unobserved throughout the night.

In an even more remarkable coincidence, these counties happened to report an unusually high margin for Biden. In all large metropolitan areas in America, Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 result. When the vote counters returned in the night, Biden suddenly started to outperform Clinton spectacularly in just these four counties. And a mysteriously large number of the votes were Biden-only, with no down-ballot voting. It is almost as if people were desperately filling out fake ballots through the night and didn’t have time to do a better job covering their tracks.

Release the Kraken?

We don’t know if this is what happened, but if the above is accurate, the people who lied to pollsters about their Trump support may have forced the cheaters to make such large and obvious mistakes that it was possible to discover the fraud. We may never know what happened. Powell has promised to “release the Kraken,” which is supposed to be incontrovertible evidence of massive election fraud. We will soon find out.


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