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Ireland Creates ‘Pathway to Citizenship’ for Illegal Migrants

Sound familiar? Soros, activist politicians, and cheap-labor enthusiasts at it again.

There is a reason it all sounds so familiar. Following what appears to be an international playbook, Ireland’s Department of Justice has announced a “pathway to citizenship” for “undocumented migrants” who have been illegally residing in the nation for at least four years.

The Dec. 3 move is promised to be good for the economy while providing stability for “vulnerable” community members who have been living in the “shadows” due to their tenuous legal status. Oh, yes, and the leading social justice group long promoting the cause is funded by progressive globalist billionaire George Soros. What’s the endgame here?

Shamrock Snakes

The Irish Times reported:

“The Government has announced that for six months from January, Ireland’s estimated 17,000 undocumented migrants, including 3,000 children, can apply to regularize their status here. The scheme is open to those who have spent at least four years in the State without immigration status, or three years in the case of those with children. It also includes a parallel process which will enable asylum seekers who have spent at least two years awaiting a decision on their international protection application to apply for regularization.”

Minister for Justice Helen McEntee is the government official spearheading the initiative. Multiple Irish news sites refer to it as a “scheme.” Obviously, the word does not have the same conniving connotations for the Irish as it does for Americans, yet scheme is the perfect term. For this is indeed “a large-scale systematic plan or arrangement for attaining a particular object or putting a particular idea into effect,” as one dictionary defines the word.

GettyImages-526103390 Ireland illegal immigration

(Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto) (Photo by NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

McEntee employs the same tired verbiage in support of her act of hostility against Irish citizens that Americans have heard employed by the backers of massive illegal immigration so many times over the past 15-odd years.

“[T]hose who will benefit from this scheme currently live in the shadows,” McEntee declared in an official statement. But the regularization will “bring some much-needed certainty and peace of mind to thousands of people who are already living here and making a valuable contribution to our society and the economy, many of whom may be very vulnerable due to their current immigration circumstances.”

One social justice group in particular is claiming victory. “The new scheme follows more than a decade of campaigning by JFU [Justice for the Undocumented], the Migrant Rights Centre of Ireland (MRCI), and undocumented teenagers who recently began to speak out about the barriers they face in accessing third level education,” The Irish Times noted.

Indeed, a jubilant Migrant Rights Centre crowed that the announcement capped its “11-year campaign” to hack out a path to regularization for illegals in Ireland. JFU operates under its umbrella. “MRCI is a national organization working with migrants and their families in Ireland to promote justice, empowerment and equality,” the group proclaims on its website. Under its “Funders” section, one immediately sees the prominent logo for Soros’ notorious Open Society Foundations.

McEntee again played her “vulnerable shadows” theme to the hilt in an interview with state broadcaster RTE. “These people already live and work in our communities and their children go to schools here. And yet they’re undocumented,” McEntee sighed.

“It leaves them very vulnerable, it leaves their families vulnerable and it means that they can’t become a full part of our society,” she warbled.

“I think we can all probably say that we know somebody in a very similar situation, be it living in America or elsewhere, and I believe it’s the right thing to do to regularize them.”

Island of Immigrants?

What a curious comment there. The pro-mass migration argument on this side of the ocean constantly beats the “we are a nation of immigrants” drum, as if America was designed to be a bottomless reservoir for all the peoples of the world. But is McEntee really comparing her tiny island in the Irish Sea to the continental landmass that is the United States?

Interestingly, the numbers match up, and they both spell significant demographic change. The United States has a population of some 330 million people, and there are fervid efforts to grant a “pathway to citizenship” to an estimated 11 million illegal aliens. Ireland has a population of some five million and its push would legalize some 17,000 aliens. In both cases, that roughly amounts to 3% of the population. That is not an insubstantial percentage for either country.

It is also likely that, just as in America, the actual number of illegals “residing in the shadows” in Ireland is much higher. The true number in the United States is assumed to be more than 20 million and may well be as high as 30 million. That would mean we’re talking about a figure corresponding to a whopping 9% of the entire population.

As the cherry on the poisoned sundae, here is the Irish version of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, known as Chambers Ireland, announcing its rabid support for the regularization scheme. Incredibly, the group is displeased, for it wants every single illegal in the country to be green-lighted:

“We have previously highlighted to Government that Ireland needs workers across a variety of sectors, and this continues to be the case as we deal with immense staff shortages across the economy … However, there urgently needs to be a formal process put in place to process the full regularization of all undocumented people, not just those who meet the narrow requirements of this ‘once-in-a-generation’ scheme. What happens to those who fall just outside of these parameters to apply? It makes little sense to exclude some undocumented people from this scheme and leave them to continue working in the shadows.”

Activist politicians, transparently selfish business organizations, and George Soros operatives are performing precisely similar roles in two very different Western nations. How can one not conclude that this is all part of a much larger agenda? The goal? Destroy all culturally and racially distinct nation states and usher in a new homogenized and borderless internationalist order.

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