It’s déjà vu all over again. In 2009, tens of thousands of Iranians poured into the streets to stage anti-government demonstrations, prompting neoconservatives to salivate over a potential conflict. Nearly nine years later, a Green Revolution 2.0 commences, and the likes of Bill Kristol and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are like wolves slobbering over sheep.

For the past week, middle-class Iranians have been demanding President Hassan Rouhani step down for his failed economic policies and geopolitical strategies. Despite being re-elected in a landslide a couple of years ago, reports suggest that the public wants to ditch the reformists and return to the hardline establishment. With a fierce response by security forces, 21 have been killed, and about 500 have been arrested.

The events unfolding over the past week may have been organic, but the way the American hawks are behaving would cause any observer to be skeptical. The language, the remarks, the agitations – all were reminiscent not only of Tehran in 2009 but the uprisings in Tripoli and Damascus in 2011 and Kiev in 2014. It is the same script we have witnessed before. Like ravenous sharks, the neocons smell blood, and they are using any instrument of propaganda to ensure it is feeding time.

What makes matters worse is that there is an unholy trinity occurring under our noses. President Donald Trump, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Senator John McCain (R-AZ) are promising that the U.S. is watching very closely. The commentary may be vague, but it is obvious what is being suggested: the U.S. must do something – the neocons have requested intervention in Iran for years.

Libertarian commentator Tom Woods has frequently remarked that whoever you cast a ballot for, you’re always voting for Senator McCain. Remember, President Trump did not guarantee his base to Make America Neoconservative Again.

An Uprising Over Egg Prices?

Unless you’re economist Paul Krugman, you detest inflation. But you probably don’t hate it so much that you’re willing to risk your life to combat higher prices and currency devaluation.

The cost of living is soaring in Iran as the inflation rate is about 10%. But is the second incarnation of the Green Movement really about egg prices? If that’s the case, then Americans would have been in upheaval since 2000 as the cost of a carton of eggs has skyrocketed 106%.

Indeed, this was the same excuse used during the Arab Spring: millions are coming together to fight higher bread prices. The bread crisis was not solved. What happened instead? Like a game of dominos, governments started to fall.

The Muslim Brotherhood rose to power in Egypt. Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi was ousted. Bashar al-Assad was labeled literally Adolf Hitler in Syria. The Tunisian government was overthrown. And Iraq became a mess once again.

As foreign policy expert Daniel McAdams said on the Ron Paul Liberty Report on Tuesday, “It’s a little bit hard to digest,” especially when the Washington policy is anti-Iran.

Who Controls the Narrative?

Everything we are learning right now about the events unfolding in Iran is from the media. It is no secret that the press is pro-war; they have never seen a war they didn’t like. It took Trump bombing Syria for the Counterfeit News Network to declare him president. Despite the media’s hatred of the Donald, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that the press would collude with the government to advance the goal of intervention.

Soon after the chemical attack in Syria, the media blamed the Assad regime. Despite several contradictory reports, the press conveyed its conclusion: Assad is a brutal dictator who must be removed from power at any cost. What happened? With Ivanka crying in the background, Trump ordered a bombardment with dozens of Tomahawk missiles. Everyone rejoiced – Democrats, Republicans, anchors, and neocons.

Similar to investors during economic bubbles, CNN, The New York Times, NBC, and foreign outlets are all toeing the line today: this is a different type of protest!

Could a false flag happen on the ground in Tehran? If it does, then you can bet a few things will happen: the Rouhani government will be blamed, the media will give the protesters a free pass, and the U.S. government will somehow interfere.

We have a general distrust of the press. So, why do we believe every word emanating from the mouths of Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, and George Stephanopoulos in this case?

The Swamp Worries About Human Rights

Just before the Christmas break, President Trump signed an executive order that permits the seizure of assets of any individual or corporation, both domestic and foreign, if it is determined they violated human rights. In May, a memo was leaked that informed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that the U.S. must utilize the issue of human rights as a tool against the nation’s adversaries, like North Korea, Iran, and Russia.

Simply put: any action is justified because it is defending human rights and democracy.

Whenever a revolution unfolds in certain pockets, statists will demand foreign leaders respect human rights. If they don’t, then invasions and bombings happen (see Libya, Iraq, and Syria).

Of course, to add further justification of intervention, war-starved hawks will interpolate that these countries are sponsors of terrorism. The military-industrial complex, the media, academic institutions, and individual members of Congress have regularly averred that Russia, North Korea, and Iran are state-sponsors of terrorism, and that they must be stopped at all costs.

Neocons have targeted Iran for eons. Now would be an opportune time for them to finally pull the trigger: in the name of human rights and to protect the barrage of protesters, the Iranian regime must be taken out immediately!

Even Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is shrieking about human rights.

US Insiders Pleased by Green Revolution 2.0

For years, the power players inside Washington have been trying to find some solution to the Iran affair. The answer has typically been one of intervention or isolation – even former President Barack Obama’s negotiations were foolish.

In the 1950s, the CIA conducted one of its very first coup d’etats by overthrowing Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh. Throughout the 2000s, President George W. Bush and his administration repeatedly included Iran in the Axis of Evil speeches. Today, President Trump has been honest in his assessment of Iran: they are the enemy.

Like the events that unfolded in Libya or Ukraine, it is almost certain there will be evidence to show there was some meddling by the American deep state. It is these inane policies endorsed by foreign policy experts that continue to get the U.S. into trouble financially and militarily.

Trump has yet to do anything more than tweet. He must resist the Mephistophelean nature of Graham and McCain, and refrain from getting involved. This is a scenario that includes the Iranians and their government, not external forces. Leave them be! The U.S. doesn’t need another Operation Ajax.

Besides, if a die-hard Iraq War proponent like Ann Coulter starts dismissing establishment foreign policy advisers – even more so than Infowars and Paul Joseph Watson – then you know you have a shoddy, irreparable record. Americans can only hope that there won’t be a rush to another unconstitutional war.

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